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Kiss of a Dark Moon
Moon Chasers, Book 2

Sharie Kohler















Release Date:
September 30, 2008

Paranormal Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
September 2008


All Kit wants is to be a lycan hunter, but NODEAL, the American organization for hunters, has strict rules against female hunters.  Of course, they have even stricter rules against rogue hunters too, but Kit doesn’t let a little thing like that stop her.  She knows she is better than many of the male hunters on NODEAL’s roster and, with or without sanction, she is determined to do her part to eradicate the creatures who took her parents from her.

Enter Rafe Santiago.  The sexy stranger is an assassin for EFLA, the European version of NODEAL, and it is his task to take care of rogue hunters.  Watching the beautiful little huntress in action, however, he is more than intrigued by Kit.  Not only that, he finds himself drawn to him in ways that have nothing to do with lycan hunting and everything to do with his long-denied libido.

Before long, Rafe and Kit are on the run together, with both EFLA and the lycans on their tail.  The last thing they have time for is passion and love, but sometimes the heart won’t be denied…

Sharie Kohler had me with the first book in her MOON CHASERS series, MARKED BY MOONLIGHT.  But with KISS OF A DARK MOON, she really seals the deal, and this series is firmly on my pre-order list when the author releases new stories in this gripping saga.

I said in my review for the previous story that Ms. Kohler delivers a fresh spin on the shifter legend in the paranormal genre, and in the second edition of this series she really takes that to even a higher level as the story reveals more about the origins of the lycans, and introduces still a new creature to this world. 

Rafe is a wonderful surprise.  This man has more layers than you see at first glance, and watching them peel away as he and Kit grow ever closer is fascinating.  I couldn’t get enough of him.  This hunter has more than one secret, and when they are revealed, we see more than ever the hero he truly is.

If you love kick-butt heroines, you are going to adore Kit March!  This gal more than holds her own with any of the other hunters, and bests many of them.  When she meets her match in Rafe, the sparks that fly heat things up in ways that kept me turning the pages until I reached the very end.

KISS OF A DARK MOON is a riveting paranormal romance that feeds the hungriest romantic heart and will leave readers excited for the next installment of the MOON CHASERS series!



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