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Opal Carew
















St. Martin's Griffin

Release Date:
June 24, 2008

Ménage M/F/M
Contemporary Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
June 2008


Once, just ONCE, Hanna wishes she could let go and experience that ultimate in sensual pleasures – an orgasm.  She might as well be chasing unicorns, because the ‘Big O’ remains as elusive to her as that mythical creature.  She’s tried everything she’s ever heard about, ever read about, ever imagined had the slightest chance of releasing her mental block to send her senses reeling.

Her ex-boyfriend even signed the two of them up for a workshop on the Kama Sutra in the hopes it would help her overcome this obstacle.  Of course, that was before they broke up.  She couldn’t actually go to the class alone, could she? 

No, she’s not that desperate…  Not when the sexy customer she’s had her eye on enters her coffee shop at closing time and is giving off all the right signals.  Maybe a little anonymous sex with a stranger is just what the doctor ordered.

Sex with J.M. turns out to be anything but anonymous when the hunky Tantric Sex and Kama Sutra teacher sets his sights on the lovely barrista.  He’ll use every one of his impressive skills to take Hanna to sensual heights she has never dreamed of.  J.M. is in it for more than one night, and he intends to show her just how serious he is about her.

Things really get complicated when her ex-boyfriend, Grey, returns to win her back.  He knows he screwed up before, and he’ll do whatever it takes to earn her trust and her love once more.

How will Hanna ever choose between two delicious men willing to do anything to please her?  Maybe she won’t have to…

Oh my…  BLUSH is a more than apt title for this steamy little romance!  I am sure that I did just that – blush – more than once while reading it.  You would think after all of the ménage romances I have read in the last few years that I would begin to become a bit blasé to it all.  As long as books like this one invigorate the theme with fresh ideas, I think I am quite safe from becoming bored with ménage romances – stories, that is!  LOL

The general conception – or rather, misconception regarding these types of stories is that it is all about the titillation factor that goes along with threesomes.  Not so.  Opal Carew joins the ranks of other talented authors who manage to create a believable loving relationship between three people.  This is about three people who defy the mores of society in the pursuit of that noblest of emotions – love.

But there is no denying that the sex is just dang hot.  The love scenes in BLUSH will have the most staid reader squirming in their seat and hot under the collar.  However, the sex would not be nearly as affecting without the caring and tenderness that each scene is infused with.

Both J.M. and Grey go above and beyond to help Hanna overcome her orgasmic issues.  Patience and diligence go a long way as they finally break through the walls she has built up.  Individually, each man is any woman’s daydream, but together?  Whew!  Their combined potency is absolutely off the charts!

Hanna may have her sexual problems, but she refuses to wallow in them, and finally opens herself up enough to work through them, refusing to let pesky little things like inhibitions impede her progress.  When the dam finally breaks, and she realizes exactly why she has refused to allow herself to achieve climax for so long, she embraces the solution with open arms, working through those deep-rooted issues.

In case it isn’t already obvious, BLUSH includes some ménage content, with both J.M. and Grey focused on Hanna’s pleasure.  There is no sexual contact between the men in this story, but they do push the limits within the heterosexual realm.

For those of us who adore blistering hot romances with ménage storylines, BLUSH is a definite winner!  Readers are bound to be as wild about this book as I am. *grin*



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