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His Forgotten Forever

Michele Hauf














Silhouette Nocturne

Release Date:
July 1, 2008

Paranormal Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
June 2008


Truvin woke alone in an alley with blood on his scalp and no ID.  Oh yeah, no memory either.  Not exactly a great day.  Then there is the little matter of the people stalking him…

Enter Lucy Morgan, paranormal reporter and good Samaritan.  She has a habit of taking in strays that need her help, and Truvin Stone is the sexiest stray she has ever had the good fortune to come across…

As his memories begin to return, Truvin realizes he isn’t quite normal, and that the witches hunting him may very well have good reason.  Sure, it sounds crazy to think he might be an actual vampire, but his instincts know the truth of it even before his memory does.

As Truvin and Lucy search for the truth about his life, they find themselves irresistibly drawn together.  But what kind of future can a vampire and a mortal have together?

When I first heard of HIS FORGOTTEN FOREVER by Michele Hauf, I thought it had a very original plot.  Or at least I had never read a story with an amnesiac vampire before, so I was intrigued.  Combine an intriguing plot with the trust I have developed for the Silhouette Nocturne line, and I knew I wanted to read this book.

I found HIS FORGOTTEN FOREVER to be a very entertaining read.  With a quirky heroine and a dangerous hero, Ms. Hauf has penned a rich story with just the right balance of fun to offset the darkness in the plot.

And there is definitely darkness…  In fact, the story jumps right into it from the beginning, grabbing hold of the reader’s attention and refusing to let go until the end.  Of course, there are some lighter moments, and these give us the chance to really see the relationship between Lucy and Truvin develop.

Truvin’s amnesia was a perfect plot device in several ways – the obvious one being the entertainment factor involved with a vampire who doesn’t remember he is one.  A more subtle benefit is that his memory lapse gives Truvin the chance to be himself, without the centuries of angst that he has harbored, allowing Lucy the chance to fall in love with the man he really is underneath it all.  More than that, the brief interlude without his past to weigh him down gives Truvin the chance to really find himself, which provides a catalyst for personal growth once his memory does return.

Lucy is a veritable saint.  She has a tendency to put other people first that is admirable, and something that Truvin finds more than compelling about her.  Of course there is the little matter of their chemistry too…  Her quirkiness is a perfect foil for his dark nature as a vampire, making her a bright spot in his life even after his amnesia is gone.

When Truvin finally regains his memory, we learn some surprising truths about his life, and the witches after him.    Will he give in to his darker instincts or will he reach for the newfound light in his life?

HIS FORGOTTEN FOREVER is a great little paranormal romance that will undoubtedly delight readers of vampire love stories!




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