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Be With Me

Maya Banks
















Berkley Trade

Release Date:
November 4, 2008

Ménage M/F/M
Contemporary Romance


Bookmark Rating:

Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
October 2008


A year ago, one passionate night with her three best friends sent Regina ‘Reggie’ Fallon running scared.  What kind of woman is in love with three men simultaneously, much less makes love with them?

A faceless assailant almost costs Reggie her life while on duty – something that every police officer knows can happen at any time.  What is unusual is the fact that the attack seemed personal, like the murderer targeted her out of some kind of vengeance.

The attack brings Cam, Sawyer, and Hutch back into her life, and not one of these men will take no for an answer.  First and foremost, they’ll heal and protect her.  But after that, they want answers as to why their best friend has been avoiding them for the last year, as well as hope for a future relationship with her.  Lifelong friends, these men have it all worked out, they just have to convince Reggie to give their unusual proposition a chance.  Oh, and keep her alive.

I am a shameless fan of romances that feature a ménage relationship, and so I read a lot of stories with this theme.  Because of that, I especially appreciate it when an author delivers such a story with a unique spin, just as Maya Banks has done once again in her new Berkley title, BE WITH ME.

Here we have a quartet of friends who have loved each other for most of their lives.  When that love culminates in a night of love making Reggie shares with all three men unexpectedly, she is understandably overwhelmed and even frightened. 

How can she be in love with all three men at once?  How can each of those men accept her romantic love for the other men, no matter that their friendship is closer to a brotherhood than mere friends?  How can they possibly keep this new element to their relationships from destroying the most important friendships each of them has ever had?

In the year that Reggie has run from them, the guys have had time to work out their side of things, and even made plans to further their combined relationship with the woman they all love more than life itself.  Where Reggie is concerned, these men are all on the same page, and go after the woman of their dreams with single-minded focus.  The only thing that will stop them is if Reggie herself tells them she just isn’t interested.  Cam, Sawyer and Hutch all treat her with utmost care and respect, always considering her needs above their own.

In turn, Reggie gives each man something he needs.  There is a part of her that fits each man like a glove, but the trick is balancing those three relationships on both an individual level and as a group.  The fact that these three guys have lived most of their lives as adopted brothers makes that much easier, as there is real caring between each member of this quartet.

When things start to really come together, the resulting love scenes are bone-melting hot!  Read BE WITH ME sitting down, because it is bound to make your knees weak…  LOL  But then, fans of author Maya Banks would expect nothing less from one of her erotic romances!

BE WITH ME doesn’t rely on only the romance to entertain, however.  Ms. Banks delivers a suspense plot as thrilling as the romance.  The very nice thing about this one is that even though the heroes work hard to protect their woman, Reggie is a kick-butt heroine who is more than capable of protecting not only herself, but the people she loves, and never hesitates to act. 

BE WITH ME is a well-rounded story that combines sizzling romance with an intriguing mystery, all topped off with a dose of action.  Bravo to Maya Banks for penning a story this reviewer is absolutely wild about!


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