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Let Me Love You

Mary Wine
















Samhain Publishing

Release Date:
July 31, 2007

Historical Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
June 2008


Her father has been missing for months, yet Brianna Spencer refuses to give up on the hope that he is alive and will return home soon.  In the meantime, she is determined to keep their business afloat and the mortgage on their small home paid – no easy task for a woman alone in the Old West.  Between fending off unwanted advances and marriage proposals from men intent on reaping the profits from her family’s mill for themselves and trying to collect on outstanding debts, Brianna definitely has her hands full.

When Sloan McAlister finds the lovely Brianna being manhandled on the river dock, every protective instinct he has as both a man and a railroad agent scream out.  A lady like her doesn’t belong amongst the ruffians that habit the docks, yet he admires her courage and fortitude in her attempt to collect on the debt owed her by the dock master.  A hard-working woman with such strength of character is worth marrying, especially when she is as comely as the fair Brianna.  But the transient life of a railroad agent does not make relationships possible, nor does the danger.  Despite knowing this, Sloan finds himself drawn to her again and again – a lucky thing for Brianna as her life becomes a series of life-threatening events that the handsomely powerful agent seems more than capable of rescuing her from…

I have intended to read Mary Wine’s work for some time.  I have a number of friends who have raved about her work, and their tastes in reading material are similar enough to mine that I had confidence I would enjoy this author’s work.  Enjoy is an understatement.  I absolutely adored LET ME LOVE YOU!  Of course, now I have to go shopping for the rest of Mary Wine’s work – I should have known this would be an expensive review!  LOL  Not that I am complaining – I love finding new authors whose work I can count on to entertain me.

Mary Wine’s writing is absolutely stellar.  She infuses her story effortlessly with all the elements necessary to draw her readers in to the story from the very first chapter – danger, romance, suspense, and a just the right amount of sensual heat.  Setting this story in the Old West could prove tricky for some authors, but Wine proves her mettle with period pieces easily, peppering the tale with small details from that time that serve to flesh out her world perfectly.

Sloan McAlister.  What can I say about this man?  From the first moment he appeared, he reminded me of Clint Eastwood in a very good way!  He had the same demeanor, the effortless but controlled power, the strong sense of justice and I could almost see the steely gaze and set of his jaw.  This man just totally did it for me.  He rescued Brianna time and again without ever hinting that he thought her frail or incapable.  And though he lived the rough life of a railroad agent, his sense of romance was infallible when it counted. 

Brianna Spencer is that rare heroine who, although she finds herself in frequent need of rescue by Sloan, could never ever qualify as ‘TSTL” (Too Stupid To Live).  No, she is a strong, capable woman who unfortunately finds herself the target of some very dastardly people when they believe her to be vulnerable.  I liked Brianna immediately, and if I can’t have Sloan for myself, I am very glad he ended up with her! 

At the end, Mary Wine does more than deliver a happy ending for Brianna and Sloan, she ably ties up all of the loose ends from the story for all characters – even those that we’ve not yet met ‘onscreen’, so to speak.  And I find myself hankering more than a little for sequels starring Sloan’s fellow railroad agents…

If you enjoy historical westerns with a lot of romance and a bit of suspense, you will not want to miss LET ME LOVE YOU!  I know I will keep this one close so I can revisit Sloan and Brianna whenever the mood strikes me!


NoteThis review was originally written by Jennifer Ray for another review site.  It is being reposted at Wild on Books.


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