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Black Star, Book 3

Marteeka Karland















Changeling Press

Release Date:
December 2007

Science Fiction
Ménage M/F/M
Ménage M/M/F


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
November 2008


A vampire must feed regularly from his own kind, else he suffer the effects of the Blood Burning.  As second in command of the BLACK STAR, Viktor has ignored his need for too long.  With the space ship so far from Victor’s planet, they will never make it in time for him to assuage his need.

If he cannot find a suitable blood donor soon, the crew of the BLACK STAR – Viktor’s friends – will have to destroy him for the safety of everyone aboard the ship.  A vampire in the throes of the Blood Burning cannot be subdued.

There is one woman aboard who can save him – the mysterious Diamond.  She alone has the ability to feed Viktor without sacrificing her own life in the process.  But with Viktor so far gone already, it is dangerous even for Diamond. 

Ranier takes it upon himself to step in and protect Diamond and save his friend Viktor.  Will he succeed in his task?  How far will he have to go in order to save them both?

Marteeka Karland’s BLACK STAR series just keeps getting better!  With each release in her sci-fi saga, this author delves a bit deeper into the ongoing storylines that connect each book in the series, pulling readers into her world even further.

In DIAMOND, we find the vampire Viktor at the edge of his control – actually, he goes over the edge before it is all over with.  The Blood Burning may make him more dangerous, but I daresay Viktor is dangerous on some level even when well fed.  Dangerous in a very good way, of course…  *grin*  My heart went out to him as I watched him struggle to keep a grip on his control, not willing to hurt any of his friends and crew members. 

When we discover that DIAMOND has the ability to give him what he needs, I was beyond excited.  And when I learned just how she had to help him?  Oh, boy…  OK, I’ll admit I was even more excited. 

The way DIAMOND stepped up to the plate and tried to help this man she barely knew was more than admirable.  She knew the very possible danger to herself, and she did it anyway.  One asks themselves if they would have done the same thing in her position.  Of course, the fact that she was attracted to the dominant vampire may have helped her make that decision too.

The story really got good when Ranier joined the ‘party’ (if you can call the Blood Burning a party) and showed himself willing to do anything to help both his friend Viktor and the woman who had already captured his heart, although he knew her only briefly.  Ranier really goes above and beyond, and the scenes with the three of them are supernova hot!!!

DIAMOND: BLACK STAR, BOOK 3 is a fantastic combination of paranormal romance and science fiction wrapped up in one erotic little story!  With a satisfying conclusion for the trio of lovers, Marteeka Karland nevertheless managed to leave me salivating for the next story in this exciting series.



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