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Wild Hunt
Unbound, Book 3

Lori Devoti















Silhouette Nocturne

Release Date:
June 1, 2008

Paranormal Romance
Shape Shifter


Bookmark Rating:

Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
June 2008


He who controls the horn controls the Wild Hunt and the Hellhounds.  The horn has the power to unleash the savagery of the Wild Hunt on whomever the horn blower chooses.  The Erlking once held the horn, until the Valkyries retrieved it from him, protecting it from ill-use.

Now the horn is missing, and someone is calling the Wild Hunt once again.  The horn must be found before the Erlking can once again seize control of the hunt.

Hellhounds and Valkyries are mortal enemies, always have been.  Yet if Geysa wants to find the horn and stop the Wild Hunt, she must work with Venge Leidolf, seemingly the most dangerous Hellhound of all.  Venge is certainly the most powerful of the beasts gathered for the hunt, but the real danger he poses to Geysa is in the way her body responds to this man.

Venge seeks the horn for his own purposes.  Having been enslaved most of his existence, he craves freedom for himself and his Hellhound brethren.  Teaming up with the beautiful Valkyrie is a way to reach that goal, but he finds Geysa strangely irresistible.  Sating his appetite for her may not be possible, even though he knows he must betray her when they find the horn.

When I first noticed Lori Devotiís books, I felt pretty certain I was going to enjoy them, judging by the plots and her reputation among readers.  So I bought several titles, even though I hadnít yet found time to read them.  When a review request came in for her newest release, WILD HUNT, I found the perfect excuse to move her to the top of my to-be-read pile.  I was not disappointed. 

This book embodies everything I love about the Silhouette Nocturne line Ė it has a great deal of steamy romance set in a paranormal plot.  On top of that, Ms. Devoti infuses WILD HUNT with a great dose of suspense.  For me, the combination of these elements is irresistible.

I do admit I wasnít sure about a hero who is a Hellhound.  Hellhounds are innately evil, right?  Wrong.  In Lori Devotiís world, evil comes in all forms, as does good.  Hellhounds are feral, yes, but not necessarily evil.  Subject to the lure of the horn and the whims of the being who calls the Wild Hunt, they are often set to nefarious purposes, overriding their free will.

Left to their own devices, Hellhounds can and sometimes do choose the path of righteousness, working for the greater good.  Venge Leidolf is an excellent example of this.  Although he begins the story believing he is working towards his own independence and vengeance, the events that transpire effect a change in him that show Venge to be a hero we can admire, albeit a reluctant one.

Geysa also undergoes a change throughout the story.  When we meet her, she is slightly naÔve, with a narrow-minded purpose, although a noble one.  In her world, black is black and white is white, with no shades of grey.  Meeting Venge broadens her perspective infinitely as she learns that not everyone fits in tidy little molds and love knows no boundaries.

When Venge and Geysa come together, the chemistry is absolutely electric!  This heat this couple generate practically melts the ink of the pagesÖ  Combine that kind of sensuality with a love story that defies all odds, and WILD HUNT becomes a romance that will live in my memory for some time to come.

WILD HUNT is the third book in Lori Devotiís UNBOUND series, but can easily be read out of order.  I have not yet read the previous stories, UNBOUND and GUARDIANíS KEEP, but had no issues following the plot in WILD HUNT.    Of course, having enjoyed the third book so much, the first two have been moved to the top of my to-be-read pile!

WILD HUNT is a thrilling story that will delight romance readers with a taste for the paranormal.  I am absolutely wild for this book and cannot recommend it highly enough!



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