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Only Pleasure
Bound Hearts, Book 10

Lora Leigh
















St. Martin's Griffin

Release Date:
January 6, 2009

Contemporary Romance
Ménage M/F/M


Bookmark Rating:

Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
November 2008


Years ago, Kia Stanton’s husband tried to force an unexpected and unwanted threesome on her.  Kia fled the situation and the marriage.  The incident sparked a scandal involving Kia, her ex and the secretive, exclusive group he belonged to, a group of powerful men who habitually participate in ménage sex with their women.

The scandal threatened to destroy Kia’s life, and the lives of those she cared about.  Chase Falladay promised to protect her then, and he did, helping to quell the worst of the gossip.

Kia has never stopped thinking about Chase – and not only because of how he helped her.  She’s had more than one fantasy starring the sexy private investigator.  Now Chase is back in her life and she has the opportunity to live those fantasies.

Chase wants Kia more than he has ever wanted any woman.  That’s what scares him most.  He has tried to stay away, but when the opportunity arises to experience a night of pleasure with her, he can’t resist.  But what they have can only be pleasure – never more, he promises himself.   Soon, however, ONLY PLEASURE isn’t nearly enough.

For years, fans of Lora Leigh’s BOUND HEARTS series have heard about Kia Stanton, the woman who let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.  This is the woman who fired the rumors about the men of The Club and their extreme sexual practices.  Much like the other characters in these stories, we’ve assumed much about her motivations, believing them to be motivated by vengeance or maliciousness.

In ONLY PLEASURE, we finally see Kia Stanton’s side of the story.  We learn about the unforgivable betrayal her husband perpetrated upon her, betraying her trust in the worst way.  After plying her with alcohol, he tried to trick her into allowing an additional man in their bed without her agreement or foreknowledge.  It’s no wonder that Kia spun a little out of control at first – what woman wouldn’t seek support from her closest friend after such a horrific scene?  Unfortunately, the story didn’t stop with Kia’s friend, and that’s where the trouble really grew.

Of course, if it weren’t for all that trouble, Chase Falladay wouldn’t have needed to step into her life to do damage control and help her through the mess, protecting her from the gossip and from her ex-husband.  That proximity brought out feelings of protectiveness in him for the lovely little divorcee, though he stifled them for years.

For all that he is a strong, determined Alpha-male type, Chase can only hold out for so long.  He denies his feelings for Kia for a while, but they soon get the best of him.  Although that may be a little misleading – he knows he has feelings for Kia, but he believes her to be too fragile to handle what he would need from her long-term.  And there are the repeated tragedies in his past regarding people he cared about to make him hesitant to get close to her as well.

For Kia’s part, she’s willing to give Chase anything he asks for – up to a point.  After enjoying a few nights of unbridled passion with him, she realizes she can’t handle more nights of ONLY PLEASURE with Chase – she needs much more from him.  In true ornery Alpha-male style, though, the harder she pushes him away, the more he comes around.  You’ve gotta love it…  *grin*

Romance readers who love a dominant, tortured, panty-ripping hero will adore Chase Falladay and won’t be able to help being a little jealous of the lucky Kia, regardless of how likable she is.  ONLY PLEASURE is a wild ride into eroticism balanced with an equal measure of pure romance.  You won’t put it down until you’ve reached the very end!



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