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Pleasure Unbound
Demonica, Book 1

Larissa Ione
















Grand Central Publishing

Release Date:
June 24, 2008

Paranormal Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
June 2008


Tayla Mancuso may have had a hard life, but one thing has always been simple:  demons are evil, and must be destroyed.  It’s why she became a Guardian, to work with the Aegis slaying demons.

Now she’s been critically injured by one demon, and her life saved by another – in a demon hospital, no less.  Suddenly, things aren’t quite so black and white, especially where her hunky demon doctor, Eidolon, is concerned.  He stirs her in ways she has never experienced before – and has never imagined happening with a demon, of all things.  She can’t let that stop her from fulfilling her duty to the Aegis, however.  It isn’t really betrayal when the subject is a demon, right?

Eidolon defies both his better judgment and the wishes of his friends and colleagues when he saves the beautiful little demon killer, but something inside him can’t leave her to die.  This is a chance to learn more about the Slayers, he tells himself.  But that rationale doesn’t ring quite true in light of his body’s undeniable need for her…

Against all odds, Eidolon and Tayla find a mutual desire that threatens to become something bigger than either of them could ever anticipate.

This is the first time I have read a Larissa Ione novel, and let me just say I am absolutely blown away by PLEASURE UNBOUND: DEMONICA, BOOK 1!  With a blend of sarcastic humor, dark plots, sensual love story and a multitude of paranormal creatures both good and evil, Ms. Ione delivers everything that a fan of erotic paranormal romances could want.

From the very first chapter, it became obvious to me that the author must also be a fan of the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ TV series, because PLEASURE UNBOUND is infused with the same vibe and wit that made that show wildly popular.  Even so, this is no copycat story.  While it may be a paranormal tale with a similar energy, the DEMONICA world is very much its own story.  I predict that ‘Buffy’ fans will find this new book series highly addictive!  It is for me… *grin*

As far as heroines go, Tayla Mancuso totally rocks!  This woman has her problems, but she has enough fight and grit in her to overcome even the most daunting of obstacles.  Of course, she isn’t without her pain and vulnerability.  Her hard life has molded her into a fighter who deals with difficulty through sarcastic humor as well as the weapons in her arsenal.  Her wisecracking makes for an entertaining read, but beneath it all we see it as the defense mechanism it really is, for a woman who has never felt close to anyone.

Eidolon – what can I say about him?  This heroic demon absolutely makes your mouth water.  His irresistible sexuality coupled with his noble, nurturing nature make for a man any woman would be more than happy to spend forever with, no matter his demonic DNA.  Of course, he has his own issues, and watching as he tries to keep his own ‘demons’ at bay is heartbreaking.  Of course, watching as he and Tayla overcome their individual problems together is more than moving.

PLEASURE UNBOUND is propelled by more than the love story, however.  Ms. Ione has crafted a rich world where everything is not as it seems, neither in the human world nor the demon community.  Good and evil exists on both sides, and alliances are bound to shift as betrayals are brought to light.

Although the main plot points are wrapped up by the end of the story, several intrigues are left to be tackled by the next book in the DEMONICA series. With a cast of supporting characters as captivating as Eidolon and Tayla, I cannot wait for the sequel!

Do yourself a favor and pre-order PLEASURE UNBOUND now, then set aside the evening to read it the day it arrives.  Between the hotter than hot love scenes and the gripping plot, you won’t be putting this book down until you finish it!


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