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Lynda’s Lace
City Heat, Book 1

Lacey Alexander














Ellora’s Cave

Release Date:
July 2006

Contemporary Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
June 2008


Once upon a time, Lynda Phelps was married to a philanderer.  When she discovered his extracurricular activities, she quickly gave him the boot.  After divorcing her ex-husband, she decided it was her turn to play the field – and found she quite liked it.  Lynda wasn’t shy about grabbing what she wanted, exploring the world of sex in all of its various flavors, until she discovered that the dirtier the sex, the more she enjoyed it.

But that all changed when she met the conservative Jordan Summers.  Now Lynda wears the pretty little lacy things he gives her while hiding her leathers in the back of her closet.  Lynda loves Jordan more than she thought possible, but she’s certain a man as conventional as he is would never understand her darker desires…  Would he?

I first discovered Lacey Alexander’s work with her novel VOYEUR, with which she quickly caught my attention.  I was compelled to begin buying her backlist, and found to my utter delight that she has quite a few books under her belt with ePublisher Ellora’s Cave.  Now my Lacey Alexander library is nearly complete, and I have even found time to read them all!  OK, I made time.  With my to be read pile containing hundreds of books, I have to make time to read certain books these days.  And it is very easy to get swept away in the plots of this author’s wonderful tales!

introduces us to her CITY HEAT series, in which Alexander show us just how hot various cities can get!  Where better to begin than in one of the South’s must sultry cities – the Big Easy itself.  New Orleans, Louisiana provides the perfect backdrop to this very sexy story.

In spite of her past sexual freedom, Lynda is determined to be faithful to Jordan, even as she becomes silently resigned to the idea that he may never be able to completely fulfill her sexually.  Deciding she is willing to trade her more decadent sexual urges for true love, she resolves to never tell him of her feelings of unrest, and concentrates on stifling them.  Her ideals are admirable, albeit misplaced, and as Jordan soon proves, unnecessary.

Fate soon takes the decision out of Lynda’s hands.  A set of chance happenings stir a part of Jordan she never suspected might exist – one he himself never suspected!  Even after this more than satisfying experience, each is afraid the other won’t want to continue.  This couple readily admits their love for each other from page one, but their reluctance to expose their secret fantasies and needs threatens their relationship, making for a gripping tale with some very explosive love scenes!

LYNDA’S LACE is available individually in eBook form from Ellora’s Cave, and in a print volume titled CITY HEAT which combines it with its sequel, CARTER’S CUFFS.  If you love sizzling romances with some ménage content (with a female/female scene), you will want to grab a copy of this gem for yourself very soon!


NoteThis review was originally written by Jennifer Ray for another review site.  It is being reposted at Wild on Books.


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