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All I Want for Christmas Is a Vampire
Love at Stake, Book 5

Kerrelyn Sparks
















Release Date:
October 28, 2008

Paranormal Romance Vampire


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
October 2008


Toni’s best friend was committed to a psychiatric ward after being attacked by vampires.  Swearing to find evidence of the existence of vampires to prove her friend’s sanity, Toni accepts a job as daytime bodyguard to a household of blood-suckers.

The plan is simple – get in, get proof, get out.  Only thing is, she didn’t count on actually liking her wards.  Nor did she count on falling for one of them.  Not until she met Ian MacPhie.

Something about this sexy Scot turns her world upside down, and soon she begins to understand that the Vamps she works for are not cut from the same cloth as the Malcontents who attacked her friend.  Ian and his friends drink only synthetic blood, never harming humans. 

Or maybe it is the thought of what’s under that yummy kilt that keeps her heart pounding whenever Ian is around…

All Ian wants is to find his own true love – a woman who will be as honest with him as he will be with her.  That means another Vamp, right?  He could never be honest about what he is with a human woman, at least not at first.  Of course, the delicious little bodyguard working for him already knows…  Now if he can just figure out the secrets she is keeping from him…

I absolutely cannot get enough of Kerrelyn Sparks’ LOVE AT STAKE series!  With each release, I am even more of a fan of these books.  Ms. Sparks takes a somewhat surreal paranormal theme and injects it with great big doses of humor, while also keeping the romance first and foremost in the stories.

But the stories are not without their dark side, and ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A VAMPIRE is no different, despite its holiday theme.  The Malcontents are ruthless in their determination to destroy the good Vamps and enslave humankind.  Thank goodness for the Vamps like Ian MacPhie who stand between the Malcontents and the rest of us.

In the midst of the danger, Ian and Toni find something beautiful together.  They both fight it at first, as any good romance couple would, but they are fighting a losing battle.  This pair is just too darn good together to resist for very long.  Each fills a void for the other, making them feel complete and good when they’ve each always felt lacking previously.

The road to happy ever after has loads of hiccups, of course.  There is that pesky little fact that Ian is a vampire who believes he can only be with a vampire woman and Toni is a human who can’t imagine being with a vampire.  Add to that the vampire attack Toni herself suffered on top of the one that her best friend did, and her fears about Ian’s kind are magnified exponentially.  Then there is the little problem of her working for him, and her employment contract forbids fraternization.  Sure she could quit, but doing so would mean her memory is completely erased of all vampire knowledge, including her memories of Ian.

Somehow, Ian and Toni find a way to beat all odds, and the ride is absolutely captivating!  ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS will leave readers laughing and wishing for their very own vampire hero to warm their Christmas season!



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