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Jordan Summers













Tor Paranormal Romance

Release Date:
November 4, 2008

Paranormal Romance
Shape Shifter


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
July 2008


When a grisly murder occurs in her jurisdiction, Gina “Red” Santiago is determined to ferret out the killer.  Only one problem – the powers that be deemed it an attack by an animal and closed the case.  If Gina wants justice for the victim, she must work outside the system.

The best place to do that?  The fringe town where one hunky Morgan Hunter happens to be sheriff.  The lawman does things to her long-dormant libido that she doesn’t quite understand, but cannot deny.    Good news?  Morgan has equal difficulty resisting Gina…

Meanwhile, the killer strikes in Morgan’s town under their noses.  Worse, the villain makes it clear he has targeted Gina next.

I first discovered Jordan Summers’ talent through eBook publisher Ellora’s Cave.  When the request to review her upcoming Tor Paranormal Romance book came to me, I jumped at the chance, having loved the stories I’ve previously read by this author.

I wasn’t disappointed.  RED is a fantastic paranormal romance that is all at once dark, hopeful, and sexy.  Our kick-butt heroine has no trouble protecting herself, putting her on a more than equal footing with the hero.  The result is a stimulating courtship in which Morgan finds himself constantly challenged by Gina, who easily keeps him on his toes.

Of course, Morgan is no slouch either.  The reigning Alpha of the region, Morgan takes his role as leader of his pack of shape shifters very seriously.  He is the epitome of a good Alpha shape shifter – sexy, tough, noble, and empathetic.  He may not be perfect, but that just makes him more realistic.  There is no doubt, however, that he is the perfect mate for Gina.  Watching him convince her of that is only half the fun…

I mentioned earlier the story is dark, and I want to stress that there are indeed some very dark passages in the story.  We are reading about a serial killer, after all.   The parts of the story told from the murderer’s perspective are written in first person point of view, putting you inside his head, showing the reader in no uncertain terms how demented the villain is.  I also need to point out for the squeamish that these scenes do include some sexual contact while in shape shifted form while the killer is attacking his victims.  There is NO intercourse in these scenes, however, simply some contact designed to demonstrate the twisted way this man views his victims.  He believes they are in love, but ultimately his lust always turns into blood lust rather than the sexual kind, leaving a trail brutalized of bodies in his wake.  These scenes will make the reader very appropriately uncomfortable, but they definitely add to the story.  And really, should anyone BE comfortable while reading a murder scene?

In RED, Jordan Summers gives her readers an intense story with compelling characters who effortlessly endear themselves to the reader from page one.  With a suspenseful plot as important to the story as the romance, the author has crafted a complex story that is easy to love.


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