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A Witch's Beauty

Joey W. Hill













Berkley Trade

Release Date:
January 6, 2009

Paranormal Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
November 2008


Half sea-witch, half Dark One, Mina has always lived as an outcast.  She has had only one friend in her life, her cousin Anna.  Mina has had to struggle against the darker side of her nature her entire life.  As the progeny of a Dark One, she has the capacity for great evil, a fact that she never loses sight of.  Keeping the dark balanced with the light is a never-ending necessity for her.

That’s why it just doesn’t make sense for an angel like David to be interested in being her friend, much less wanting to become involved with her romantically, of all things.  But there he is, swearing he cares about her and vowing to do whatever it takes to protect her from the Dark Ones who want more than anything to pull her over to their side once and for all.

A WITCH’S BEAUTY is the follow-up story to Joey W. Hill’s A MERMAID’S KISS, and stars David and Mina, both of whom we met in that previous book.  We saw some sparks fly between this pair before, but when they come together again in their own story, those sparks turn into a conflagration the likes of which even hell has never seen.  And these characters should know, since they’ve actually seen hell.

Despite Mina’s paternal parentage, she fights against the Dark One blood within her constantly, never allowing it to gain a firm foothold in her soul.  It is a battle that can never truly be over for her, which makes her all the more admirable a character.  She may not exactly be an angel, but she has contributed to the side of good more than once in the battle against evil.  The question is whether those actions were self-serving, a part of the curse she is under, or simply a desire to do the right thing.

David believes the latter.  More than anyone except perhaps Mina’s cousin, he believes in Mina and is determined to ‘help’ her bring out the good side even more.  You can’t really fault him for that inclination, especially in light of the fact that he has fallen in love with Mina.  But as he learns more about his sea-witch, he finds that he really doesn’t understand much at all.  At the story’s start, he assumed he knew what was best for Mina.  Before the tale finishes, however, he realizes that love doesn’t mean changing someone, but learning how to love them the way they are.  He figures out how to give Mina what she really needs, rather than assuming his way is best for her.

Both of these characters undergo a pretty amazing evolution throughout the story.  While they are both likable in the beginning, they really come into their own as they learn how to love each other and help each other heal from the traumas of their individual pasts.

A WITCH’S BEAUTY is not always an easy story to read, but it is a spellbinding one.  The traumas that both David and Mina have undergone in their past will tear your heart out, as will the trials they suffer together before they find their happy ending.  Trust me when I say this couple truly earns their HEA.  Throughout the story, however, we never lose our hope for them, mirroring David’s own sentiments regarding the woman he loves.  



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