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The Darkest Touch
Demon Hunters, Book 3

Jaci Burton


















Release Date:
October 28, 2008

Paranormal Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
July 2008


Her brief encounter with the demon hunter Ryder changed Angelique’s life in myriad ways.  Her escapade with him once before opened her eyes to the existence of demons in this world, and the special danger those evil creatures pose to her and her twin sister.  That’s why she took the infamous black diamond months ago.  She couldn’t very well leave it behind when Ryder and his team disappeared, not knowing if it would be retrieved by his people or by the demons who would use it to destroy the world.  And if the diamond can be used to harm her sister, then she must protect it at all costs.

Now Ryder has caught up with her, determined to retrieve the black diamond from her and willing to use any means to achieve his aim.  He isn’t sure if her reasons for taking the diamond were altruistic or nefarious, but that doesn’t matter.  The only thing that does matter is securing the diamond, thereby protecting mankind from the destruction it would bring in the hands of their enemies.

As Ryder and Angelique work together to elude the demons on Angelique’s trail, they find it more and more difficult to keep their minds on the task at hand as the attraction between them threatens to consume them both…

When I first heard of Jaci Burton’s DEMON HUNTERS books, I thought they sounded right up my alley.  The blend of sexy romance with a paranormal theme boasting plenty of action-adventure in the mix is just the kind of story I crave.  I bought both of the first books in this saga months before I was able to read them, and then promptly kicked myself for not having read them much sooner.  They are that good.

So far, this series is made up of three books that each have their own storylines while also continuing a major storyline that is continued throughout each book, with a few more clues revealed in each.  The result is a highly addictive series that never fails to satisfy with each book’s ending, but still leaves you panting with anticipation for the next tale in this compelling world.

We saw the chemistry between Angelique and Ryder in book two, HUNTING THE DEMON, which had just enough tease between this couple to leave us sure they would end up together, but dizzy with the speculation on just how they would find their own happy ending in THE DARKEST TOUCH.

See, trust wasn’t real big between these two, partly due to the way they met, and of course partly because of these characters’ pasts.

But their relationship is inevitable, and deep inside, it is clear that both of them recognize their feelings for each other, even while they believe those feelings may not be in their best interest.  So they fight it.  Unsuccessfully, of course, but that is what makes for a gripping romance, right?  Well, that and the blazing hot sex strewn throughout the story…  *grin*

While on the run together, the close proximity combined with an already smoldering attraction acts like a match tossed on a pile of kindling.  The resulting passion is downright combustible, and Jaci Burton knows how to do combustible passion VERY well, much to readers’ decadent delight.

Angelique’s twin sister figures greatly in this story, and their sisterly relationship is as important to the plot as the romantic relationship Ryder and Angelique share.  The twin, Isabelle, gets a lot of ‘screen time’ in this book, and has her own storyline that runs alongside Angelique’s, albeit as a smaller subplot.  That subplot deftly sets up the next book in the DEMON HUNTERS saga while it also gives us much insight to Angelique’s history and her personality, yet it never overshadows our star couple.  Indeed, I think it would have been odd to not have Isabelle’s story so closely entwined with Angelique’s, given their relationship, and I expect we’ll see Angelique play as large a role in the next book as Isabelle did in this one.  That’s my own supposition, of course, and I could be mistaken, but that is the feeling I’m left with having read THE DARKEST TOUCH.

As the story concludes, we have a more than satisfying ending for Ryder and Angelique, even as we are left with somewhat of a cliffhanger for the next book in this series that is guaranteed to have fans rushing to purchase the next DEMON HUNTER book eager to see what happens next!

THE DARKEST TOUCH is a brilliant addition to this saga that cannot be missed by fans of erotic paranormal romance!



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