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Bound To Please

Hope Tarr














Harlequin Blaze

Release Date:
July 1, 2008

Historical Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
June 2008


Almost all at once, Brianna MacLeod lost her husband, her unborn bairn, and her father, while becoming the first female laird of the clan MacLeod.  Keeping that title is easier said than done, and Brianna must conceive a new heir to carry her line. 

Now widowed, she determines the best candidate for the job is the brother of her sworn enemy.  Ewan Fraser’s twin took her husband and child from her, it is only fitting that he should pay recompense for his clan in the form of sexual service.  She’ll return him to his home unharmed once she has conceived.

Ewan has never forgotten the girl that stole his heart ten long years ago, the girl he made a blood bond with.  Being with Brianna is a dream come true, but he never quite expected it would be with him bound to her bed to perform a stud service.  But the chains on his wrists are nothing compared to the chains she has on his heart…

I really wasn’t sure quite what to make of a historical romance with a female laird, but the idea definitely intrigued me.  I couldn’t imagine how author Hope Tarr would pull it off, but having now read BOUND TO PLEASE, I can say she totally made it work for me.

Is the idea of a woman as laird historically accurate?  I don’t know, and to be honest, I don’t really care.  I’m no historian.  I simply enjoy a good story, and this plot definitely made for a fascinating read.  I can’t confirm the historical details, but I know when I enjoy a book.

The role reversal with a woman in power kidnapping the hero and subjecting him to her desire was a wonderfully delicious twist on an old theme!  What really makes Brianna’s role as laird interesting is that although she has been groomed for it by her father for nearly half her life, the reality of assuming the responsibility is somewhat tricky.  Still, finding her footing as the leader of the clan MacLeod is easier than finding her footing as a woman who can stir desire in the object of her affections.  Little does she know that Ewan already loves her for herself, without all of the trappings of femininity, though he has no complaints whatsoever when she quite literally lets her hair down and embraces her femininity.

Ewan’s pride compels him to try and resist Brianna’s attempts at forced seduction, but his body can’t deny what his heart feels for her.  Being used for his seed and then cast away is not part of his long-term plan for her – he intends to seduce her body, mind and heart. 

Of course, everything isn’t as it seems.  Brianna’s convinced that Ewan’s brother killed her husband, and he swears by his brother’s innocence.  No matter how much this couple loves each other, they cannot be together until the mystery of her husband’s murder is solved and the long-standing feud between the Fraser and MacLeod clans is ended.  Unraveling this mystery results in some surprises in the plot, and provides both obstacles to their romance and the impetus for their finally pledging their betrothal.

If you are looking for a sexy romance with hunky Scottish heroes and a bit of intrigue in a historical period, you will not want to miss BOUND TO PLEASE!



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