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Hot as Hell

HelenKay Dimon















Release Date:
October 28, 2008

Contemporary Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
October 2008


Lexy Stuart gave her ex-fiancée every chance to come clean with her about his secrets.  When it became clear Noah never would, she returned his ring, broke the engagement, and high-tailed it to a fitness spa seven hundred miles away.

She should have known he would follow her.

Being a security specialist means Noah Paxton can find his wayward fiancée no matter where she runs, and he is determined to bring her home for good.  OK, so there is that pesky little detail about her breaking up with him, but he doesn’t accept that she no longer loves him as much as he loves her.

The state of their relationship is the least of their worries, however, when a dead body turns up in Lexy’s room at the spa.  Now they must work together to clear themselves as murder suspects and find the real killer before it is too late.

The cover of HelenKay Dimon’s novel HOT AS HELL is enough to make me pick up this book – talk about drool-icious!  The fact that this author consistently releases books that are entertaining and suspenseful – two things I love in romance novels – makes this book a must-have for me.

Fans of this author have become accustomed to her blend of wit, suspense and romance all bound together in a steamy story, and HOT AS HELL more than lives up to this expectation.  Ms. Dimon weaves a mystery throughout the story that is as important as the romance – indeed, it acts as a catalyst to the reunion of this broken couple.

Of course, getting back together isn’t quite as simple as that.  While the murder certainly serves well to push them back into each other’s arms temporarily, when the dust settles, Noah and Lexy still must deal with the real problems in their relationship, with each party accepting responsibility for their part in the disconnect that drove them apart in the first place.  Love and desire is never a problem for them – trust and communication are the issues at the heart of all their trouble.

Noah is a man of many secrets, something that drives Lexy crazy.  But he is also a man with intense loyalty and passionate love – for Lexy.  As we learn more about this complicated man, it is easy to see why Lexy became frustrated enough with him to break up in the first place.  As we get to know him up close and personal, it is even easier to see why she might take him back.

For Noah’s part, it is not difficult to understand why this hero would fall in love with a spirited, warm, and intelligent woman like Lexy.  He trusts her as he never has another, but her lack of belief in him has him understandably hesitant to completely open up lest the truth of his past drive her away.

In the end, readers will be swept up in Noah’s and Lexy’s happy ending – one that is real and healthy, full of true love and understanding.  HOT AS HELL is more than a sexy little contemporary romance, it is a story with a moral to it – one that many of us can undoubtedly apply to our own relationships.



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