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Red and the Wolf

Evangeline Anderson













Elloraís Cave

Release Date:
October 2008

Paranormal Romance
Shape Shifter


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
October 2008


As a practicing witch, Sara Jensen is shunned by the people of the small town she inhabits.  Oh, they donít know for sure she is a real witch, but they suspect.  The potions she sells them are enough to make them nervous around her.  There were only three people who ever accepted her as she is, and two of them are now dead.

The third is Reeve Daniels, her late brotherís best friend.  Sara has been in love with Reeve ever since she can remember, but Reeve has always seen her as his friendís kid sister.  In fact, since he left the military and returned home, he hasnít even stopped by to visit her.

Until now.  Reeve has a terrible secret.  Cursed to turn into a wolf every full moon, only Sara can cure him.

But that cure is sure to break Saraís heart.

Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again.  I have never read a story by Evangeline Anderson that I didnít love.  There was a period where I didnít see any new titles released by this talented writer, but it looks like the wait is over, and fans of Ms. Andersonís have been rejoicing with a whole slew of recent releases from her.

RED AND THE WOLF is certainly a story to rejoice about.  This tale shows Evangeline Anderson at her best, with a gripping, sensual story that is masterfully erotic while full of romantic love at the same time.  On top of that, her couple has something even more vital to a long-term relationship than romantic love Ė true friendship.

Sara and Reeve actually like each other.  A LOT.  Theyíve been friends for years, each admiring the other from afar, just never acting on it.  But that core connection is deep and strong.  Because of that, it is easy to accept how quickly this pair finds themselves between the sheets together, and how determined Reeve is to make Sara believe his love for her is real.

But Sara is convinced that this newfound passion he has for her is all due to the spell she cast to keep his curse at bay.  Her fear that he will realize he doesnít actually love or desire her when the spell has run its course is palpable, and very understandable.  A woman wants to know a man wants her for herself, right?

RED AND THE WOLF is a heartfelt love story with plenty of love scenes that are simultaneously touching and erotic.  Indulge your fantasies with this wonderful romance from Evangeline Anderson!



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Red and the Wolf by Evangeline Anderson













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