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Free Pass

Elizabeth Scott
















NAL Trade

Release Date:
December 2, 2008

Contemporary Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
December 2008


As three couples near their seventh wedding anniversaries, each become conscious of that fabled ‘seven year itch’.  The wives devise an unorthodox plan to stave off the possibility of sexual boredom in their husbands by offering a one time only ‘free pass’.  While on vacation, each husband will be allowed to dally with a stranger of their choice. 

Of course, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander…

When I first read the premise of Elizabeth Scott’s book FREE PASS, I honestly wasn’t sure I wanted to read this one.  The blurb on the cover smacks of infidelity, something I couldn’t believe I would be able to easily read.

But I’ve read this author’s work before, numerous times.  She has always come through with tales I at least like and often love.  So I decided to continue to trust her, given her track record thus far, and settled in to read FREE PASS.

From the start, I have to say I was impressed that the author did not go the route I was so afraid she might by making it easy for the characters to ‘cheat’ on their spouses.  From the very beginning of the story, each of the six friends struggles with the idea of spending a night outside of their marriage beds.  Indeed, this struggle continues throughout the story, easing my mind a great deal.

Are the characters titillated by the idea?  Yes, for the most part.  But they worry over the effect these trysts will have on their significant others and ultimately, their relationships.  Even so, they all harbor reasons why going through with this idea is more tempting than it should be.

For Debra and Gordon, the fact that they were both virgins when they married certainly makes them curious about the idea.  When they spy some sexy exhibitionist neighbors making love on their nearby patio, neither Debra nor Gordon can look away.  Striking up a friendship with the other couple reveals that their new friends are more than just exhibitionists – they happen to be swingers, and they are more than interested in playing with Debra and Gordon.

Cherisse and Wesley each find partners who help affirm their desirability to the opposite sex while vacationing at the beach.  Although their desire for each other has never waned, that affirmation ramps up their mutual attraction even more.  Their flings serve to remind them how much they truly love each other and how lucky they are to have found their soul mates.

As for Melanie and Thomas, things are a little more complicated.  Thomas has no desire to use the free pass that Melanie offers him, but swiftly realizes his wife needs this experience to help her deal with her ongoing fears concerning the stability of their relationship.  Plagued by insecurities caused by her father’s abandonment, the free pass scheme might be just the ticket to prove his devotion and commitment to her once and for all.

With each of the three couples, their motivations are admirable, even if their methods may seem a little misguided to some of us.  They each want to keep their marriages fresh and exciting, and believe that giving each other a taste of what the grass is like on the other side is the best way to curb the sexual wanderlust that destroys so many relationships.  To these couples, they aren’t cheating because they have a ‘FREE PASS’ from their partners sanctioning the act. 

Having now read FREE PASS, I have to say that I am impressed with how Elizabeth Scott handled what could have been a very offensive plot.  She never lost sight of the fact that these people are doing something that many of us can’t easily abide, and she never glorified it.  She showed these characters’ internal issues as they deal with the ramifications of their flings and how they work through them together.

And she did all that while delivering some really hot love scenes…  *grin* 



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