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Lyon: Lords of Satyr, Book 3

Elizabeth Amber














Release Date:
July 29, 2008

Historical Romance
Paranormal Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
June 2008


Upon the death of King Feydon, the three Satyr brothers must find and wed the king’s three half-mortal, half-Faerie daughters.  His elder two brothers have found their brides, and now Lyon must find his own in the city of Paris.  He only hopes to be half as lucky in his match as his brothers were in theirs, who both found wives whom they adore.

When he finds Juliette, every instinct within him yearns for the lovely faerie princess.  Wooing her, however, proves difficult – something that Lyon, who has always had his choice of women, never anticipated.  He must bring every sensual weapon in his considerable arsenal to bear in his pursuit of Juliette…

But there are forces that conspire not only to keep them apart, but to destroy them utterly.  They must overcome their enemies before they can find their future together.

With both of the previous stories in her LORDS OF SATYR series, Elizabeth Amber has delivered some fantastic twists, especially in RAINE.  I will admit that my expectations were high for LYON, a book I anticipated with considerable relish.  Ms. Amber did not disappoint me.

As with her sisters in the previous stories, Juliette has her own distinctive magical talents, very different from her siblings.  Unlike her sisters, she employs a few of hers with some regularity, displaying a control that only comes from practiced use.  Of course, there are some abilities she doesn’t have quite the same control over, which cause her some consternation in public, a place she avoids whenever possible.  She is also a virtual captive in her present circumstance, afforded the dubious protection of her guardian, Monsieur Valmont, an evil man who has more motives than anyone suspects.  Freedom is not such an easy feat for a woman in her time, with her challenges, held by a man with the kind of ties on her that Monsieur Valmont holds.

Although I certainly fell for both Nicholas and Raine in their stories, Lyon is the brother who most intrigued me.  He has always had a playfulness about him that appealed to me, and that was clearly evident in LYON, much to my delight.  It was a perfect balm to the pain and fear that plague Juliette.  It was truly these qualities, combined with his relentless sensuality, which broke through her considerable defenses.

I mentioned there were twists to the plot, and these come in the form of Juliette’s talents and the story itself.  Suffice it to say that there are more skeletons lurking in her closet than even she knows about.  I had a few of the plot twists figured out by the end of the book, but not all, much to my delight!

LYON, LORDS OF SATYR is a compelling paranormal romance set in historical Paris and Italy.  With fascinating characters guaranteed to capture the heart from page one, this sexy and suspenseful romance is much more than the sum of its parts – it is a story that will stay with this reviewer for a long time to come.


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