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Down In Texas

Delilah Devlin






















Release Date:
October 28, 2008

Contemporary Romance


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
November 2008


Delilah Devlin brings readers a fascinating trilogy of connected stories with her novel DOWN IN TEXAS.  For those of us who love a good contemporary western romance, this book is a triple-treat!

The stories are all set in a town called Honkeytonk, and one of the main characters in each is related to one of the leads in the next story, deftly setting up each story as the previous tale finishes.


Lyssa McDonough has been trying to get Brandon Tynan’s attention for some time, but getting caught in a barbed wire fence would not exactly have been her first choice – or even her last one.  Somehow, though, it seems to have done the trick after Brandon rescues her from her plight.  Since then, he hasn’t been quite the same with her, although he hasn’t quite given in to the feelings she is sure he has for her.  Now it is time to turn up the heat another few notches…

OK, I loved this story!  Maybe it’s because I’m just a little bit jealous of Lyssa McDonough.  Oh sure, the fact that she ends up with a hot cowboy stud like Brandon Tynan is reason enough to be jealous of her, but that’s not why I am (much).  No, I admire this woman’s tenacity and gumption in her quest to snare the man of her dreams – a man who has been a friend for years but has the potential to be so much more.  Not only does Lyssa have the envious ability to read his true feelings for her despite his denials, she knows just how to get his attention and sweep away his objections once and for all.

For his part, Brandon is an equally admirable, albeit misguided, character.  He is determined to do right by Lyssa and the promise he made to her brother regarding her, even stifling his own consuming feelings for her in order to ‘protect’ Lyssa.  When he finally caves, the resulting love scenes practically burn the pages under the readers’ fingertips.


Years ago, Daniel Tynan worked on Maggie Dermott’s husband’s farm, learning to train horses.  He might have been a teen-ager then, but he was old enough to develop some pretty strong feelings for his boss’s wife.  Of course, he could never act on them, not while he was underage and she was married, but he never forgot the woman who stole his heart at an early age.

Now Maggie is widowed and needs a horse trainer.  Now an adult, Daniel is determined to show the lovely widow that he is the man for the job, in so many ways. 

In SLOW RIDE, Delilah Devlin shows just what a conscientious and talented author she is.  Here she takes a theme with a potential for a slight ‘ick’ factor, and handles it so responsibly, that it never once moves into questionable territory.  Sure, Daniel is a teen when he and Maggie first meet, but there is never any contact between them before he is an adult.  And really, there aren’t that many years between them – only seven, actually.  So when they meet up again as two single adults, there is nothing to hold them back from acting on their feelings – except perhaps Maggie’s reservations.

Lucky for her and us, Daniel knows just how to put all her worries to bed, along with Maggie herself. 
J  He woos her relentlessly, but with ample consideration for her needs, ensuring a happy ending for this couple.


Suki Reese is in hiding from a violent ex-boyfriend who just happens to be connected to the Mexican mafia, and is being hunted by the law for his activities involved with them.  She needs someone to protect her who has her safety first and foremost in mind and doesn’t want to use her as bait.

Enter Mac McDonough.  This sexy ex-Marine may have sustained a serious knee injury, but that doesn’t render him incapable of taking care of the lovely Suki.  Once he meets her, that mission becomes of utmost importance to him. 

In the beginning of STRAIGHT UP SOLDIER, Mac is feeling more than a little sorry for himself.  Sure, he has ample reason, but dwelling on his injury has sunk him into a depression he is finding it difficult to overcome.  What he needs is to be needed.  To be necessary.  When his friend coerces him into playing bodyguard for Suki, the mission proves to be just what the doctor ordered for his sunken spirits.  Suddenly, this man finds a purpose again, and looking protecting Suki restores his own belief in his viability as a man, despite the lingering problems from his injury.

Suki is just great.  She’s a sharp, self-sufficent woman – she’s had to be lately.  But that doesn’t prevent her from accepting help from Mac when she needs it most.  Having been on the run by herself for so long has her run down and functioning at less than full capacity.  Having a man like Mac watching her back allows her to rest and rejuvenate her flagging strength.  The fact that he isn’t bad to look at doesn’t hurt her spirit either…

This is the story about two people who are strong apart, but in each other find a love that makes them even stronger together.  They learn it isn’t weak to need someone, and together they can overcome anything.



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