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Armed and Dangerous, Book 1

Cheyenne McCray














St. Martin's Griffin

Release Date:
November 25, 2008

Contemporary Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
August 2008


Just over ten years ago, the man Sky MacKenna loved more than life itself broke off their relationship, moving far away.  .  The emotional devastation he wrought changed her for good.  She has tried to move on, to forget Zack Hunter, but no other man can take the place he still has in her heart, much to her dismay.

Now Zack’s job as an agent of ICE brings him back, both to her town and to her life.  He knows he messed up before, and he has his mind set on winning her back.  It will take a lot to win back her trust, much less her heart, but Zack will do whatever it takes to make the past up to Sky.

First, though, he must find and apprehend the cattle rustlers who are steadily stealing Sky’s prize herd, not to mention threatening the lives of both Sky and her staff.

I have a thing for contemporary romances with a Western theme, and when you add a sexy crime fighting cowboy into the mix, I just can’t resist.  When Cheyenne McCray’s novel ZACK: ARMED AND DANGEROUS came up for review, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted it.

This marks my first read by Cheyenne McCray, and I quite enjoyed it.  I am very much looking forward to more ARMED AND DANGEROUS titles from this talented author.

Zack stole my heart, pure and simple.  The man was hotter than a branding iron and as noble as you would expect a good hero to be.  He made mistakes, yes, but he has learned from them and is eager to rectify them.  Watching him as he works hard to prove his love to Sky is absolutely heart melting.  No task is too menial; nothing is beneath him, not if it is something she needs.  He keeps her well-being and happiness first and foremost in his mind, until his perseverance and consideration finally break down the wall she has built around her heart.

Sky is understandably hesitant to become involved with her ex again.  I mean come on, he hurt her once already, and her heart never really recovered from it.  Another such blow would be devastating to anyone.  Of course, that doesn’t mean she is immune to him, not by a long shot.  She succumbs to his physical charms long before she allows her heart to open up to him again.

One thing I would have liked to have seen more of in the story is Sky’s inner struggle regarding taking Zack back.  I could feel her love for him, I knew she was reluctant to renew the relationship, and I could see the reasons why she should give Zack another chance.  What I didn’t see was Sky really considering the things Zack did to win her back.  She thought a lot about their chemistry, and she definitely did see the things he did for her, but I would have appreciated seeing her really think about those things more before she finally gave him another chance.

ZACK: ARMED AND DANGEROUS is a wonderful, sexy romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat with suspense even while it nurtures the romantic inside you. 


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