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Wicked Hot

Charlene Teglia

















St. Martin's Griffin

Release Date:
July 22, 2008

Paranormal Romance
Ménage M/F/M


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
June 2008


What is a succubus to do when she finds herself bound to the very man who is the object of her current assignment?  Scratch that – not man, Nephilim.  No ordinary mortal could have snared a demon of Edana’s class with so little trouble.  Nor could any other man withstand the lustful temptation that Edana presents.

Edana is determined to fulfill her assignment to seduce her captor, and being bound to Eli turns out to not quite the hardship she’d have expected – especially when she finds herself lost to the sensuality that both Eli and his brother Dal overwhelm her with so easily.

But soon she begins to lose sight of her task, risking the wrath of the devil himself and, more dangerously, her own heart.

WICKED HOT is the most perfect name for Charlene Teglia’s newest July 2008 release with St. Martin’s Griffin!  This fiery little romance practically explodes with the heat of the passion that consumes Eli, Edana, and Dal. 

The trick of it is, neither Eli nor Dal can afford to give in to lust.  They can have passion, they can make love, they can even engage in straight-up, no holds-barred sex marathons.  They just can’t lose control.  Of course, making them lose control is Edana’s number one priority.  Well, it WAS her number one priority…  Right up until she started experiencing those little miracles they call ‘orgasms’ at the hand of the two irresistible brothers. 

We shouldn’t like Edana.  She’s a demon, right?  And as the book begins, she’s the wrong kind of demon, bent on the destruction of the good guys.  From the very first page, however, it is impossible to dislike our heroine, no matter that she is a soul-snatching succubus of the highest order.  She combines sarcastic quips with a matter-of-fact approach to her goal in a way that you have to admire.  Yes, she is out to ruin Eli and Dal in the beginning, but she is up front about her intentions from the start.  She’s kind of a demonic Jessica Rabbit with her “I’m not bad; I’m just drawn that way” attitude. Edana is what she is, and that is a succubus. 

Perhaps the fact that the story is told from her point of view, also has something to do with her likability.  Edana owns this story.  Yes, Eli and Dal play a huge part in it, but you find yourself completely immersed in Edana’s mind, her heart.  You experience her eventual metamorphosis along with her as she evolves from the devil’s minion into a being who actually loves.

And who wouldn’t fall for either Eli or Dal?  Alone, either of these heroes would be enough to send a girl’s emotions reeling out of control, but together?  Total sensory overload!  Maybe it’s that strange little side-effect that physical contact with a Nephilim seems to have…  Can it actually work through the pages of a book, I wonder?  *grin*

I mentioned earlier that neither Eli nor Dal can give in to their lust, and they do maintain control of their passion.  What amazed me, however, is that the author managed to convey the depth of their need for Edana even while allowing them to keep a tight rein on the lust that threatens to damn their souls should they give in to it. 

The men have their own objective in mind when it comes to their lovely little captive demon.  But is that objective simply to slake their passions in her body while learning to control their lust?  Or do they have something even more insidious planned for Edana?  Written in first person, we are left to wonder along with Edana just when Eli and Dal will finally decide she has served their purpose and banish her to oblivion.

Strangely enough, neither seems in a hurry to be rid of her, much to Edana’s and the readers’ delight.  Even more, they treat her with honor and consideration throughout their liaison, destroying her more surely with kindness and pleasure than they ever could have with banishment.  But what a way to go… 

It may be obvious by now, but I’ll come out and say it – this is an erotic romance and has plenty of M/F/M ménage scenes in it.  These men focus their sensual attentions completely on Edana, using every skill in their considerable arsenal to satisfy her over and over again.  As far as ménage erotica goes, this is right up there with the very best of them – sure to make you a little hot under the collar!

In the end, however, we find that WICKED HOT cannot be relegated only to the category of ‘erotic romance’.  It is that, but so much more.  Charlene Teglia delivers a deceptively simple plot with complex nuances that explore the balance of good and evil, and offer unexpected salvation.  I am absolutely wild about this story and cannot recommend it strongly enough!


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