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Blood Ties

Cathryn Fox















Samhain Publishing

Release Date:
November 1, 2008

Paranormal Romance Vampire Erotic Ménage M/M/F Ménage M/F/F


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
October 2008


Only in their dreams can they be together.  Only in their dreams may they touch. 

Although Dari and Mikel have never laid eyes on each other in the waking world, they reach out to each other in the dream realm.  Mikel knows this is the only way they can safely be together.  Dari has no idea that either the dreams or Mikel are real.

Protected by Mikel and her keepers for her entire life, Dari has been sequestered away, ignorant of her true nature, her heritage.  She is the last female Nallie, her womb the final hope for the continuation of her species.

Now the man responsible for the near decimation of the Nallie race has returned, and he will stop at nothing to capture Dari to use for his own nefarious purposes.  It is up to Mikel to stop him and save the woman he loves.

Cathryn Fox has long been one of my favorite authors.  This talented writer never fails to give me a story that I can sink my teeth into, and her new vampire world is no exception! 

BLOOD TIES introduces the Nallie race, a hybrid of vampire and human.  Individually, they are powerful, but when joined with their soul mates their powers increase beyond measure.  Unfortunately for our hero and heroine, being together also means their psychic signature is stronger and more easily detected by their enemies, hence their forced separation.

Mikel has known of Dari’s existence for years, and is both consoled and tortured by the knowledge.  His consolation is in knowing he isn’t the last of his kind, that his mate exists in the world and is safe.  The torture of the situation is the fact that if he were to come near Dari, it would put her in immeasurable danger – something this hero would never willingly do.

So, Mikel longs for her from afar, and settles for stolen moments together in their dreams.  There they develop an unbreakable bond, a never-ending love, even while Dari thinks he doesn’t really exist.  

For Dari’s part, she has lived a lonely existence with no one for company but her keepers and guards.  She’s never known the truth of her life’s story, much less the Nallie race.  Those nights with her dream lover abate the loneliness to some small degree, even while exacerbating it in her waking hours.

When Mikel and Dari finally come together in real life, the results are far more passionate and erotic than anything they had previously dreamed.

Full of blistering-hot love scenes amidst a good bit of action, this story is bound to be a hit with lovers of paranormal romance.  BLOOD TIES is a perfect introduction to Cathryn Fox’s work for Samhain Publishing’s readers!



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