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A Scot's Honor
Medieval Trilogy, Book 3

C.H. Admirand















DCL Publications

Release Date:
August 2007

Historical Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
June 2008


Winslow MacInness knows nothing about the unconscious woman in his arms beyond that her very life depends on his help.  Near collapse himself, he trudges on, carrying his precious burden until he reaches the sanctuary of Merewood Keep.

Having rescued the lovely Norman from ruffians who had nearly murdered her, Winslow feels his responsibility for his mysterious charge very strongly.  But is it only his sense of duty stirring his feelings for her, or something much deeper?

When Genvieve wakes, she finds herself unable to speak at all, having suffered tremendous damage to her throat in the attack.  The handsome Scot is the only person who seems able to understand her silent communications.  More than that, he seems to be able to reach parts of her that have lain dormant since the death of her husband…

Betrayal lurks in the dark corners of the keep, and a forced marriage doesn’t set well with either Winslow or Genvieve, no matter that it is the best way to protect her.  But the forced marriage means forced proximity, and the couple can’t deny their feelings for each other…

C.H. Admirand delights her fans with a third entry in her MEDIEVAL TRILOGYA SCOT’S HONOR follows the first two books in that trilogy, THE LORD OF MEREWOOD KEEP and THE SAXON BRIDE, and stars a character we initially met (and fell for) in the first book – Winslow MacInness. 

Winslow was a noble, yet sorrowful character in that first book, finding himself saddled with an unrequited love for the heroine of that story.  In A SCOT’S HONOR, Winslow soon learns that his feelings for Jillian paled in comparison to what he feels for the wounded woman he brings to Merewood Keep.  Yes, Genvieve appeals to his sense of honor and chivalry, but there is much more to his feelings than that, and watching his failed attempts to deny the unstoppable passion between them is hotter than hot!  What is it about watching a strong hero meet his downfall in an equally strong heroine that is so much fun?  LOL

Without words and without trying, Genvieve easily steals a heart that doesn’t wish to be stolen.  Her strength of character coupled with a charming vulnerability make her a character easy to empathize with and admire.

Rounding out the story is a nice little suspenseful plot as Winslow tries to uncover exactly who is the intended victim of several attempts at murder and, of course, just who is behind them.  When the answers come, our hero and heroine both exhibit the depth of their compassion and capacity for forgiveness in a way that will touch even the most jaded of hearts.

While I loved both of the previous books in this series, A SCOT’S HONOR is my favorite of the three!  And I will admit it makes me the saddest, as it is the last in the trilogy.  Of course, I for one will not hold it against Admirand if she ever decides to change the title of this series from ‘trilogy’ to something that allows many more books…  There are several other characters I would love to see more of.  Doesn’t Garrick have two more brothers? 

If you enjoy sexy little historicals with well-written romance and a suspenseful plot, then you will not want to miss this one!


NoteThis review was originally written by Jennifer Ray for another review site.  It is being reposted at Wild on Books.


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