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One and Only
Brotherhood of Blood, Book 1

Bianca D'Arc














Samhain Publishing

Release Date:
November 7, 2008

Paranormal Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
November 2008


NOTE:  This is an expanded re-release of Bianca DArcs book by the same title with a different publisher.

For each vampire, there is only a single soul-mate, the person who completes them, their One.  Some vampires search centuries to find their mate, many with no luck.

Atticus Maxwell has longed that special someone for too long.  After living alone for centuries, he has lost the will to survive.  When a fateful crash endangers his life, he is almost ready to let the peaceful darkness of death claim him for good.  Lucky for him, a brief encounter with an intriguing woman sparks something in him

Lissa was at the resort looking for a job, but what she finds is so much more.  The moment she lays eyes on the dark sexy stranger on her way to the lift she feels a pull to him.  Is it her psychic ability telling her something, or simply her heart?

When I first discovered author Bianca DArc, I bought every book I could find by her.  This was a few years ago, and she only had three books published at the time, if I recall correctly (thank goodness that number has changed!)  ONE AND ONLY was the second book by this talented author I read, and I enjoyed it immensely then.  Of course, that was the previous version of this tale.  The publisher that released that book closed their doors some time ago.

And so Ms. DArc was given the welcome opportunity to expand ONE AND ONLY and re-release it.  The previous book was extremely short, and I understand that she had a very strict word count for it.  Still, it was a fascinating tale and kicked off what has become a very popular series for her BROTHERHOOD OF BLOOD, Bianca DArcs vampire saga.  With this new release, she was able to make some wonderful additions to the story, fleshing out the characters marvelously and adding a nice bit of intrigue to the plot.  In fact, that bit of intrigue ties in very nicely with some of the ongoing storylines in this series, which will undoubtedly thrill other fans of these books as much as it did me.

Atticus is the kind of hero a woman can fall for easily.  He does and says all the right things, and every bit of it comes from his heart no pretense.  You cant help but feel sympathy for this lonely vampire at the beginning of the story as you realize how sad he is, how he has finally given up any hope of love in his life.  But when he begins to find hope, your heart swells with joy alongside his.

Lissa is the perfect woman for him.  She is the light to his dark, offering him sweetness and understanding two things that endear her to him quickly.  The fact that she has some psychic ability gives her the capacity for acceptance of his nature, and the nature of their first encounter coupled with his actions make it easy for her to see him as one of the good guys, despite the fact that he is a vampire.

ONE AND ONLY is a captivating paranormal romance, a story that showcases Bianca DArcs knack for balancing sweet romance with some highly erotic love scenes.  Fans who enjoyed it before will find it even more satisfying now.  Readers who are new to this series will find it a perfect introduction to the BROTHERHOOD OF BLOOD stories!



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