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Wicked Burn

Beth Kery













Berkley Trade

Release Date:
December 2, 2008

Contemporary Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
November 2008


When Niall Chandlerís sexy neighbor saves her from the unwanted attentions of a date who wonít take no for an answer, she is grateful to him.  But thatís not the reason she accompanies Vic Savian to his apartment after the rescue.  No, that has everything to do with how attracted she is to him, a feeling she never expected to experience for any man again.

Getting involved with Niall breaks all of Vicís rules concerning women and relationships, but he canít seem to help himself where she is concerned.  Before he knows it, he is in way too deep Ė and liking it.  But will he still feel that way after he learns Niallís secrets?

After reading WICKED BURN by Beth Kery, I have a new favorite author!  I knew the moment I first read the plot description that I had to have this book, and so when Wild on Books received a copy for review, I was beyond excited.  Having now read the story, I can honestly say it surpassed my expectations.

Ms. Kery has crafted a romance that is sexy, sweet, and very moving.  WICKED BURN is the kind of story that brings tears of joy in one chapter and tears of sadness in the next Ė a definite emotional roller coaster! 

The hero and heroine of the story are both damaged people who, because of their past experiences, shy away from love and romance.  Neither expects to find love, and neither is looking for it, but when they come together, the bond is undeniable.

Vic is the kind of hero that makes my heart beat faster.  He is dominant, driven, sexy, and talented.  Not only that, but when the chips are down, this guy shows he loves from the very depths of his soul.  Sure, he makes some mistakes along the way, but Vic more than makes up for those mistakes by the end of the book.  I know I would have forgiven this man almost anything when he turned the charm on, and so it was no surprise to me when Niall did so.

Niall is just a beautiful character.  She is sweet, sensitive, caring, and easily the kind of woman that could break through Vicís hard exterior to find the loving man inside.  Watching as she learns to deal with her traumatic past and the ongoing issues stemming from it is inspiring.

With passionate love scenes, poignant romance, and a touching story, WICKED BURN is the kind of book that I will read again and again Ė it will certainly have a permanent place in my personal library.


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