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Witch Heart
Elemental Witches, Book 3

Anya Bast
















Release Date:
January 6, 2009

Paranormal Romance Erotic


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
December 2008


Although born in the Earth realm, Claire has lived most of her life in the demon realm of Eudae where she serves as handmaiden to a powerful Ytrayi daaeman.  When her master’s home is attacked by the deadly Atrika demons, she is thrust through the portal to Earth bearing the Ytrayi’s most dangerous weapon, the Elium.  The Atrika will do anything to possess the weapon, and follow her to Earth to retrieve it by any means necessary.

Claire must rely on the assistance of the human witches in the Earth realm to protect her from the demons hunting her.  But she soon finds she wants much more from sexy Adam tyrell than his protection – she craves his touch, his kiss, and more.

For his part, Adam Tyrell is captivated by the little witch.  He hasn’t felt this way for a woman in years.  His past love ended in tragedy, and Adam will do anything to keep the same from happening to Claire, no matter the sacrifice to himself.

I love Anya Bast’s books, but my favorite of all her stories is definitely those in her ELEMENTAL WITCHES series!  Book three of this saga, WITCH HEART, kicks the story up a notch as we learn even more about the origins of Earth’s witches and warlocks and their connections to the demon realm Eudae.

Claire’s appearance in the world of her birth has a lot to do with that.  She may be human, but she has spent the majority of her life surrounded by daaemans (demons) in their world, serving their needs and whims as a slave, albeit a well-treated one.  Having aided in Thomas’s escape from that world in WITCH BLOOD, it is only natural that his coven help her now when she is in mortal danger in their realm.

Much to readers’ delight, Thomas assigns the sexy playboy Adam Tyrell to take point as Claire’s bodyguard.  A powerful Fire Witch, he will be useful in the fight against the Atrika demons in pursuit.  But that very power also reacts to Claire’s own magic in a way that proves irresistible to them both…   Of course, beyond the magical attraction, there is real love in his heart for Claire, although he is slow to admit it – mostly because of his own past.  Ah, but how the mighty do fall, and watching Adam Tyrell succumb to Claire’s womanly charms is an absolutely delicious ride!

As for Claire, this woman has lived her life as a slave until now, and now suddenly has an unlimited degree of autonomy – at least as much as the danger she is currently in allows.  She can do what she wants, eat what she likes, and be with whomever she desires.  This new freedom is a heady thing to her, although not nearly as intoxicating as the feelings that Adam inspires in her.  She is a beautiful blend of naïve innocent, powerful witch, and desirable woman.  Intent on always doing what is right, her nobility drives Adam crazy from the danger it keeps her in even while he admires her for it.

WITCH HEART is a grand escape into a paranormal world brimming with sensual delight and everlasting love, even while fraught with unspeakable dangers.  With a well-written story and an intriguing plot, readers can practically feel every emotion along with the characters, immersing them into the world completely  Bravo to Anya Bast for another great story in this fascinating saga!



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