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The Chosen Sin

Anya Bast















Berkley Trade

Release Date:
October 7, 2008

Paranormal Romance
Science Fiction


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
October 2008


Betrayed by a lover who conned her and murdered her best friend, Daria was furious when he escaped with the equivalent of a slap on the wrist.  Now she has her chance for vengeance, and she is willing to do anything to accomplish that, even if it means becoming a vampire herself.

That’s what it will take to infiltrate the villain’s compound.  Not only that, she’ll have to partner with none other than Alejandro Martinez, the one man – excuse me, vampire whose sexual lure she finds it impossible to resist.

Once inside the suspect’s sanctuary, the plan is simple – find evidence he is trafficking in blood slaves or drugs – anything illegal they can use to bring him down legitimately.  Easier said than done when surrounded by powerful vamps who revere their subject like an angelic benefactor, not to mention her libido is running wild because of her recent transformation from human to vampire.

I have never read an Anya Bast novel I didn’t enjoy.  The author’s latest release, THE CHOSEN SIN, is right up there in my list of favorites by Ms. Bast.  Combining erotic romance with a paranormal theme in a futuristic science fiction setting, this book blends several of my favorite genres into one unforgettable story.

There is a lot to love in this book – the plot, the characters, the world itself.  I even found myself sympathizing with the villain of the piece.  Well, one of the villains, anyway.  *grin*  Another thing I really enjoyed is the multiple layers in this plot – nothing and no one is exactly who they seem on the surface.  There is some good and bad in everyone, at varying levels.

Of course the best of the bunch is our hero and heroine, who are inherently good but aware of the darker part of their vampire nature, yet keep it at bay.  Both Alejandro and Daria have spent their lives fighting crime, and their purposes are ultimately altruistic, even if they have some personal motivations in bringing down their enemy.

Their cover as a mated couple is what helps them get in to the protected dome together, and it is also a delicious way to ensure they have a good bit of trouble keeping their hands off of each other.  Alejandro is quite clear from the beginning that he wants Daria for good, but he exercises a good deal of patience in his seduction of her, allowing her space to find a way to trust him.

Daria’s trust isn’t easy to come by.  That one past betrayal was so vile it left her unable to believe in any man again, fearful of the past repeating itself somehow.  At times, it is doubtful whether she’ll come around and admit her feelings for Alejandro, but in true hero style he never gives up, showing her what they could have together if she would just let herself go.

When she does let go, we have one heck of a happy ending for this pair.  The love scenes up to then are absolutely explosive but nothing compared to what they enjoy when they both put their whole heart into it.

THE CHOSEN is the kind of story that makes you long for sequels.  A world this vibrant and intriguing invites readers to revisit there again and again.  I know this is a keeper on my bookshelf.


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