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Berkley Trade

Release Date:
December 2, 2008

Paranormal Romance
Contemporary Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
November 2008


Popular authors Jaci Burton, Jasmine Haynes, Joey W. Hill, and Denise Rossetti come together to deliver four erotic romances tied together by one common element – each features a corset prominently in the plot.

Individually, each of these stories deserves my top ranking of five bookmarks, and together they make one heart-melting read that is sure to fly off the book shelves as soon as UNLACED releases! 

~THE TIES THAT BIND by Jaci Burton~

Lisa and Rick have been together a long time – sort of.  Married young, they had a daughter together, but soon divorced.  They’ve remained friends since that divorce, raising their daughter together, even while living apart.  Neither ever found someone who could fill the other’s shoes, and so they find themselves both still single with an eighteen-year-old daughter graduating high school.

Rick has a plan to change that part about being single.  He still loves his ex-wife and hopes she feels the same way.  Sweeping her off her feet during a tropical vacation seems the perfect way to find out…

I read Jaci Burton’s story THE TIES THAT BIND and thought, “Why in the world aren’t any of MY exes like that??”  LOL  Seriously, if any of them had even half of Rick’s heart and personality, I think I could have given them a second chance. 

This man is just perfect.  For the last eighteen years, everything he has done has been for the comfort and happiness of his family, even if he and Lisa were no longer married.  His thoughtfulness is only outweighed by his pure sex appeal when he sets his sights on wooing the woman he has loved for two decades.

For her part, Lisa is understandably skittish.  She’s maintained a near-perfect relationship with Rick for years.  She is reluctant to screw it up by attempting reconciliation now, no matter that she still loves him more than anyone except their daughter.  Of course, that love is what makes it so difficult for her to resist his advances, and much to our delight, she gives him another chance.

The love scenes in THE TIES THAT BIND are as explosive as you might expect for a couple who has loved each other from afar for so many years.   This level of passion, though, is heightened immeasurably by the depth of the love these characters feel for each other.

With THE TIES THAT BIND, Jaci Burton has once again penned a romance that will find a permanent home in readers’ hearts. 

~UNDONE by Jasmine Haynes~ 

Margo Faraday has no sense of adventure.  That’s what her ex accused her of, but he was wrong...  Inside Margo is a sensualist yearning to break free – all she needs is the right circumstance, or more precisely, the right man.

Enter Dirk Araman.  The amateur photographer is entering a contest and needs to practice his craft – and he needs a nude model to do it.  When Margo finds his flyer advertising for a real woman to pose for him, her interest is piqued.  She can do this, right?  She’ll pose nude for Dirk and then never see him again.  No one will ever know.

Only it isn’t quite that cut and dry once she meets the man in question…  Though Dirk is more than ten years her junior, she can’t seem to resist the intense attraction between them any more than he can.  Alright then, a quick affair, and it’s over.  A relationship between and older woman and younger man can never work, can it?

Jasmine Haynes has a knack for pulling at the heart strings while simultaneously stirring the loins.  Anyone who doubts that should simply read UNDONE to see exactly what I mean.

In her new novella, Ms. Haynes tackles the familiar May-December romance theme, starring a hero in his thirties who romances a heroine over forty.  The only real obstacle this age difference presents, however, is in Margo’s own mind.  She understandably worries about the perception others will have if they pursue a long-term relationship together.  Before they can find their happy ending together, Margo must lose more than just her sexual inhibitions.

In the end, Dirk’s respect and consideration for her win her over every bit as much as the sensual experiences they share do.  And boy, are there some ultra-steamy scenes in UNDONE!  With her own unique style, Jasmine Haynes has penned the absolute picture of the perfect erotic romance short story!   


One look at the half-naked goddess lost in her own pleasure while astride a parked motorcycle in the middle of the woods, and Lucas Adler was lost.  He never got her name, but their brief woodland encounter ruined him for other women, and even a month later he can’t get his mysterious enchantress out of his mind.

When she steps into his own conference room unexpectedly, he vows to do whatever it takes to make Cassandra his forever…  He won’t let this second chance slip through his fingers!

Lord have mercy, what Joey Hill did to me with CONTROLLED RESPONSE!!  My own response was anything but controlled under the sensual assault Lucas waged in his bid for Cassandra’s love.  This man has more than a few wicked tricks up his sleeve, and it was enough to foster a few new fantasies for this reviewer.  *grin*

Never was a woman more worthy of such a man’s attention than Cassandra Moira.  Our intrepid heroine has sacrificed much for those she loves, including her own love life.  It takes a lot to convince her she can have it all, but she never really stands a chance under Lucas’s passionate siege… 

Ms. Hill mixes things up with a little exhibitionism, a lot of passion and a hefty dose of good old fashioned (sort of) romance.  CONTROLLED RESPONSE is a shining example of everything I love about this talented author’s work! 

~RUBIES AND BLACK VELVET by Denise Rossetti~ 

Six years ago, Meg and John consummated their love for each other while an evil sorceress lost her life at the hand of her lover. With her last breath, the sorceress poured both her soul and her power into the corset she wore, staining it not only with her blood, but with her vengefulness. 

The next morning, John left Meg for a brief journey – or so he thought.  When he never returned, Meg sought for him in vain until learning of his death at sea.

Meg never quite forgave John for abandoning her to a life as a soldier, but when he finally returns to her, much less dead than previously reported, she can’t quite bring herself to turn him away.  She wants to forgive him, but the mysterious corset that landed in her possession recently seems to have other, much more violent inclinations… 

One lost hero, one lonely heroine, and one cursed corset set the stage for a dark and erotic romance in Denise Rossetti’s RUBIES AND BLACK VELVET.  With a blend of paranormal and historical romance, this author delivers an original tale with an age-old message – true love conquers all.

When we meet John and Meg, they are young and naïve, full of hope and plans for their future together.  When they finally reunite after a long separation, they are damaged, but not broken - different from the way they once were, yet fundamentally the same people underneath it all. 

With the abiding love they share, their reunion should have been fairly smooth, once they ironed a few things out.  They never counted on the vengeful spirit of the witch who haunts the corset Meg can’t seem to resist the lure of coming between them.  The witch is out for blood, preferably from the male gender, but her bloodthirsty spirit isn’t picky. 

Imbued with the soul and power of the witch, the corset proves practically indestructible.  It is only through faith and love that our beloved couple find a way to sap its power and destroy it utterly.

Bravo to Denise Rossetti for delivering a spicy and meaningful romance with RUBIES AND BLACK VELVET!



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