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Rescue Me

Cherry Adair, Cindy Gerard, Lora Leigh
















St. Martin's Paperbacks

Release Date:
July 1, 2008

Contemporary Romance
Action Adventure


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
June 2008


Three talented authors come together to deliver a trio of action-packed romantic adventures that will leave you dreaming of your own hero!  Indeed, I would be more than happy to have any of the heroes in this anthology RESCUE ME!

Individually, each story in RESCUE ME earns a top rating of five.  Together, they will more than knock your socks off!   

~TROPICAL HEAT by Cherry Adair~ 

When the woman he loves is kidnapped by a ruthless terrorist, Sam Pelton will do whatever it takes to save Elizabeth.  Braving the jungles of Africa and a cadre of villains that would make most men quake in their boots, Sam puts all of his skills as a special ops agent to use in order to rescue her.

Why, oh why have I not read Cherry Adairís work sooner?  TROPICAL HEAT was my first taste of this authorís talent and left me wanting more!

When we meet Sam and Elizabeth, they are thick in the middle of danger, after dancing around each other romantically for the last year.  Well, to be perfectly honest, Elizabeth didnít think she was even on Samís radar, although he was all she thought about since her divorce.

As it turns out, Sam was just biding his time, but he certainly had plans for the beautiful doctor.  Plans that are moved up when he very nearly loses her in a way all too permanent.  Sam pulls out all the stops, and shows himself to both Elizabeth and readers as the hero he truly is, leaving us to fall desperately in love with this man, just as Elizabeth does.

 ~ATLANTA HEAT by Lora Leigh~ 

Macey March is the most irreverent, troublesome member of his team of Navy SEALs.  His antics have earned him a few demotions in rank along the way, and the ire of the Admiral himself.  Emerson Delaney, the Admiralís delicious little goddaughter has played no small part in those troubles.  It seems Macey just canít stay away from the imp, no matter how bad a career move it is to put the moves on her.

When Emerson is kidnapped by terrorists intent on wreaking revenge on the Admiral through his beloved goddaughter, Macey will stop at nothing to rescue her from danger.  Thatís the easy part.  The hard part comes afterwards Ė keeping her safe until they ferret out the mole whose very existence continues to threaten the woman that Mace comes to realize he canít live without.

As a major fan of Lora Leighís, I chose to read RESCUE ME strictly because of her story in it, and once again, she didnít disappoint.  ATLANTA HEAT is part of her popular TEMPTING SEALS series, and tells the story of that bad boy weíve come to know and love in the previous books Ė Mason March.

Macey may come across as a bad boy, but in this novella we find that deep down, he is a family man at heart, and he only has eyes for Emerson Delaney, no matter how much trouble he has landed himself in through his previous interactions with her.  That should tell him something right there, right?  Macey isnít into denial, and he knows that Emerson is the woman for him.  Of course, he has also gathered quite a bit of intel on the object of his considerable affections, and knows it will take a lot to win her trust and her heart.

Holing up with her in his safe-house provides the perfect opportunity for an all-out romantic assault, Macey-style.  Emerson never stands a chance! 

This heroine isnít at all shy and submissive, though, and she gives to Macey as good as she gets.  He calls her an imp, and it is a description she has earned.  She canít resist playing the smart-aleck, especially when under extreme duress.  That wise-cracking attitude, however, covers a vulnerable core that believes she will always be alone.  Itís a good thing Macey knows just how to break through that coreÖ

After waiting a long time for Maceyís story, he surpassed my ideals.  ATLANTA HEAT is a sensual treat that will raise your temperature and keep you coming back for more!

 ~DESERT HEAT by Cindy Gerard~ 

Seth King and Elena Martinez should be on the same side. After all he is a police detective and she is an assistant D.A.  True, their goals may be aligned, but they have very different ideas of how to best serve justice.

When this unlikely pair is teamed together on a scavenger hunt for charity, they are isolated together in the wilderness of the Grand Canyon Ė or so they think.  Someone is watching them, and that someone will seize their chance for vengeance very soon.  But before that happens, they find that sometimes oil and water really do mix well as they discover a deep-seated attraction for each otherÖ

Cindy Gerard is another new author for me, and I enjoyed her story as much as I did the first two in the RESCUE ME anthology.

Unexpected romance in the great outdoors is the theme for DESERT HEAT, and I have to say that a hero like Seth King makes me wish I were more outdoorsy myself!  Iíd love to share a sleeping bag built for two with this sexy alpha male.  Heck, Iíd like to share a sleeping bag built for one with him!  *grin*  Sethís determination to see to Elenaís safety when violence threatens is the stuff heroes are made of, and his willingness to sacrifice himself for her will melt even the hardest of hearts.

Of course, it certainly has that effect on Elena herself, who had already begun to respond to Sethís magnetism before the enemy struck, but once she sees who this man is deep down, she is hopelessly smitten.  This intrepid heroine pulls her own weight in their rescue, however, and it is no stretch of the imagination to understand why a man like Seth would fall for her.



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