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Out of This World Lover

Shannon Stacey, Summer Devon, Charlene Teglia




















Release Date:
January 6, 2009

Paranormal Romance
Shape Shifter
Science Fiction
Time Travel


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
December 2008


Pocket Books is releasing a print anthology of three of Ellora’s Cave short stories from popular authors Shannon Stacey, Summer Devon and Charlene Teglia.  Each story is as erotic as it is romantic, and the paranormal/science fiction themes prove a wonderful complement to each other.

Pick up a copy of OUT OF THIS WORLD LOVER for a trio of sizzling romances that will surely transport you to another world, if only for a short time. 

~INTERSTELLAR SPARKS by Shannon Stacey~ 

It is forbidden for an Acelan to make physical contact with an Earthling, even just to shake hands.  In the case of Ambassador Ilyna, however, such contact threatens to cause an interplanetary incident.

But that knowledge doesn’t stop Ilyna one lonely night when she goes looking for a real-life electrician to trip her switch just like the electrician she saw in a steamy porn movie…

INTERSTELLAR SPARKS combines two of my favorite elements in a romance – sexy and funny.  The combination is one that Shannon Stacey does well, and is one of the reasons I keep buying her work.  Well, that and the fact that she is a really great writer.

This plot lends itself to humor with an alien woman believing that human intimacies happen in real life just like they do in the porn videos she has a secret penchant for.   Lucky for her, Bryan Cameron is more than able to meet her expectations, as unrealistic as they may be.

What results is a story that is delightful, sexy, and yet still has a degree of depth to it one might not expect in such an offbeat plot. 

~FUTURELOVE by Summer Devon~ 

As an agent of the DHU (Department of Historical Undertakings) in the year 2330, it is Collins’ job to travel in the past to ‘fix’ whatever event his superiors deem appropriate to change.  And he must do so without affecting any other events of that time period.  That means no contact with anyone not relevant to his mission, and especially no physical relations with members of that time period.

Easier said than done…  When Collins is forced to make his trip to the past unprepared, he lands on a park bench next to Candy, a woman as tempting as the treat she is named for.

I have to say, if I ever find myself in the company of a man from the future, I hope to heaven he is just like Collins!  Although a relative innocent in matters of desire and the heart, this man proves a quick study when he meets Candy.

Candy is a heroine most of us women can easily identify with.  She’s got a womanly figure, with all the curves that are so unpopular in the magazines today, and she is a little self conscious because of it.  Still, she doesn’t let that inhibit her when the man of her dreams lands in her life unexpectedly.  She follows her instincts, and what she finds is her heart.

Summer Devon’s FUTURELOVE is a sweet and sexy addition to this anthology!   

~WOLF IN CHEAP CLOTHING by Charlene Teglia~ 

Louise – aka ‘Lou’ – is on the prowl.  That’s why she’s wearing a skimpy bikini in a bar in California.  She is hunting for a man, but not just any man.  She’s after the guy that bit her and left her for dead a year ago.  Lucky for Lou, she didn’t die, but she didn’t come out of the incident unscathed.  Now she turns into a real bitch once a month, and she’s determined to stop this guy before he attacks another woman.

Charlene Teglia is one of my favorite authors.  She hasn’t let me down yet – her stories always have an intriguing plot, charismatic characters, and just the right amount of humor.  WOLF IN CHEAP CLOTHING is no exception.

In this story, we meet Lou, a relatively new werewolf, who is on the hunt for the man who turned her in a rather violent fashion.  She finds something better – a hunk who inflames every part of her even as he infuriates her a bit.  And, as it turns out, he happens to be after the same guy she is…

Not only that, but her sexy stranger seems to be just the guy to give her a crash course in her new life as a shape shifter – if she is willing to submit to him.

This story is short, but it packs quite a punch.  The sex is off the charts hot, the story has plenty of plot without ever feeling rushed, and the ending is more than satisfying.  WOLF IN CHEAP CLOTHING is a great example of why Charlene Teglia is one of my auto-buy authors.



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