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Look What Santa Brought
The Perfect Gift anthology

Annmarie McKenna















Samhain Publishing

Release Date:
December 18, 2007

Contemporary Romance


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
June 2008


Scott Wyatt may be blind, but he can see a good thing when it is right in front of him.  And Tara Patrick definitely fits under the good thing category.  Scott has been biding his time just waiting for his chance to show Tara they can be more than just friends.  With her recent break-up from her louse of a boyfriend and her subsequent need to show the bum she is serious about the break-up, Scott offers himself up to play the part of her new boyfriend.  Of course, Scott just happens to be into method acting, and this is the role of his lifetime…

Tara isn’t so sure about Scott’s plan – especially when it involves moving in with him, albeit temporarily.  But when his family makes her a business offer that is too good to be true, she can’t refuse.  One little problem: how will she ever be able to keep her hands off her hunky friend while living in such close proximity?  Scott could never be interested in a woman like her – could he?

Fans of Annmarie McKenna’s work will be delighted when they recognize the hero of LOOK WHAT SANTA BROUGHT as the very same Scott Wyatt we first met in her book BLACKMAILED.  Yes, this is the same Scott that is Brianna’s little brother!  Of course, this new story takes place years later and Scott is one very sexy adult man now, ready for his own shot at romance with the woman of his dreams.

Scott has certainly grown up right, now running his own business and enjoying life almost to the fullest.  The only thing missing in his life is love.  Sure, his looks pave the way for him with most women, but many regard him as nothing more than a curious fling due to his blindness.  Tara is one of the few women that treats him just like any other man, which he most certainly is.  Despite his disability, Scott is more than capable of taking care of both himself and the woman he loves.

Tara is a woman in a situation many of us have unexpectedly found ourselves in at one time of having suddenly found herself in a potentially abusive relationship.  Determined to rid herself of the man trying to control her life and stand on her own, she is at first understandably reluctant to accept Scott’s offer to help.  That reluctance only increases as things take a dangerous turn and she is unwilling to put either Scott or his family at risk.  Of course, the valiant Scott is not one to take no for an answer, especially regarding the safety of the woman he has loved for so long.

Although a short story, LOOK WHAT SANTA BROUGHT affords us a ‘where are they now’ glimpse into the lives of Scott’s sister and her men, reinforcing one happy ever after while delivering another in the form of Scott and Tara’s relationship.

This sexy little story may have a holiday theme, but LOOK WHAT SANTA BROUGHT is undeniably a story that will be enjoyed by romance fans no matter the time of year. I know it will enjoy a permanent place in my library so I may re-read it at will in the years to come.


NoteThis review was originally written by Jennifer Ray for another review site.  It is being reposted at Wild on Books.


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