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Tempt the Devil

Anna Campbell
















Release Date:
December 30, 2008

Historical Romance Erotic


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Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
December 2008


The most sought after courtesan in London is looking for a new lover.  The Earl of Erith is determined to be that man.

From the moment they meet, Julian and Olivia are drawn together in a way they’ve never experienced before.  Even so, they are both intent on their arrangement being strictly temporary, only lasting the duration of his short visit to London.

They soon learn that even the best laid plans have a way of going astray…  Once Julian and Olivia come together, they discover a depth of feeling for each other that is irrepressible, even if unwelcome. 

Between Olivia’s secrets and Julian’s adherence to societal expectations, however, their love may be doomed before it even has a fair chance.

With every new release, Anna Campbell raises the bar a little more.  Her latest novel, TEMPT THE DEVIL just might be my favorite yet, although I would be hard pressed to pick one story over all her others.  Is this one my favorite simply because it is the most recent I’ve read or does it really have something a little more than the others?

Whatever the case, I can honestly say I am addicted to Anna Campbell’s work.  I don’t even have to read a synopsis of her stories to know I will be buying them – she’s that good.

TEMPT THE DEVIL is another historical romance, and once again Ms. Campbell explores the life of a courtesan in Regency England.  She explores the making of a courtesan as she delves into the past of renowned courtesan Olivia Raines and the events that made her the person she is Julian meets her.  The woman has endured unimaginable pain, and has managed to persevere through it, even blossoming – at least in the public eye.  Julian, however, begins to uncover her truth in just one night…

Julian is far too canny for any woman’s peace of mind.  As a diplomat, he must be able to read people easily, and when he applies this talent to his lover, the effects are devastating.  For someone with the kind of secrets Olivia hides, that can prove quite distressing.  But Julian knows just how to break through to the woman beneath the courtesan’s glamour and embarks on a methodical seduction that wins readers as surely as it does Olivia.

This book flat-out did it for me.  Everything worked – the plot, the emotions, the characters – Julian especially.  The man makes a few mistakes along the way, but he more than makes up for them before the story closes. 

In her previous books, Anna Campbell became known for doing the unexpected, and this book is no different.  Olivia harbors many secrets, but one in particular has the potential to unseat her as the most celebrated courtesan in the city.

TEMPT THE DEVIL is a sensuous whirlwind of emotion set amidst the spectacle of Regency England.  Lovers of historical romance will be enticed by the theme, and the story itself will undoubtedly earn Anna Campbell a host of new fans while delighting her old fans.



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