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Seduced by the Storm
ACRO, Book 3

Sydney Croft
















Bantam Dell

Release Date:
July 29, 2008

Paranormal Romance


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August 2008


In the third installment of the exciting ACRO (Agency for Covert Rare Operatives) series by Sydney Croft we meet Wyatt Kennedy, one of ACRO’s special agents.  Wyatt possesses the gifted powers of telekinesis and a sexual mojo so strong that it will drive any person around him into some highly sexual behavior.  The only bad or good thing about his sexual gift is anyone who spends the night with him will never remember the event or him the next time they meet.  Wyatt has been sent into deep cover by ACRO on a mission where he is surrounded by ACRO’s enemy, Itor a rival agency that uses their power for bad.  Itor currently possess the “weather machine” which could steer or strengthen any existing storms which in the wrong hands could be deadly.  For this mission Wyatt is so deep under cover that most of the people at ACRO thinks he is dead.  His mission is to destroy the weather machine before Itor uses it to create storms so deadly that causalities could be high.   

Faith Black is also interested in the weather machine but for reasons other then destroying it.  Someone has her twin sister and is demanding she retrieves the weather machine from Itor in exchange for her sister.  Faith is also a special agent who has special biokinetic capabilities.  Faith hasn’t seen her sister in years.  They were separated after her sister was taken away at a young age.   

Wyatt and Faith meet up one night after Faith ducks into the bar to avoid being followed by an enemy.  After successfully escaping the enemy with Wyatt’s help Faith and Wyatt spend a night of hot, steamy and dangerous sex.  Thinking they’ll never meet again Wyatt is surprise to find Faith on the oil rig where he is deep undercover the next day.  He is even more shocked to realize that Faith remembers everything from the night before.   

Where to begin?  I loved, loved, and loved every moment and every page of this book.  I inhaled all 368 pages of SEDUCED BY THE STORM in one sitting.  This is one of the top 5 on my paranormal series list.  The dynamic duo of Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler has done it again in this third installment of the ACRO series.  I think this is the best one yet of the series.  Everything fell into place nicely with the world building and character growth.  It was great to see some previous characters making appearances.  This book also ties up storylines that have been progressing through the previous two books which the fans will appreciate. 

Fans “be warned” this one will make you cry.  So have tissues handy.  The sexual chemistry between Wyatt and Faith was off the charts.  I mean from the first meeting until the end these two will keep you hot and bothered and so will the many other storylines.  Wyatt and Faith were flawed which I loved.  They weren’t perfect which made them perfect for each other.  The fact that they have reasons not to trust one another definitely drove this storyline.  It was done nicely without any unnecessary complications. 

Faith is another kick ass heroine who holds her own against Wyatt.  Croft does not do wilting flower heroines which I appreciate nor are the heroines too stupid to live in my opinion.  Wyatt is another strong alpha male who just radiates strength, sexiness, and smarts.  We also meet some new characters that have caught my eye which I’m hoping we’ll eventually get stories for them sometime in the future.    

Two strong and highly trained special agents on a mission to retrieve the same deadly machine lead this reader on an intensely, exciting, sexy, fast paced, and action pack adventure.  Will they stop Itor, will Faith save her sister, and can they trust each other?  You’ll have to run out and pick up this book to find out.  Pick up a box fan too because Sydney Croft writes some freaking great sex!  I highly recommend this series.  You don’t necessarily have to read them in order but things would definitely make more sense if you do get the previous two books which are RIDING THE STORM and UNLEASHING THE STORM.  There is an ACRO story in HOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES Anthology but the storyline doesn’t connect with the rest of the books. 



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