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Scorching Sammie

Reese Gabriel













Ellora’s Cave

Release Date:
October 29, 2008

Contemporary Romance


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Reviewed by
Daria Wright

Review Posted:
November 2008


High-powered corporate shark Samantha Vining arrives in Okalooma, Florida to secure the town’s cooperation and pave the way for Octave Corporation’s development purposes. If she is successful, the company vice presidency could be hers. Nothing and no one is going to stand in her way. She eats men for lunch and stands her ground. No man has ever even attempted to control her until she meets the town’s Sheriff Bill Donovan. Sheriff Donovan is big, tough, cocky and sexy as hell.  

From the moment they meet they are at odds. Sheriff Donovan wants Ms. Vining gone and his town left alone. But the chemistry and attraction between the two is unavoidable and sparks fly. Donovan wants the feisty red headed Sammie in his bed. Sammie, never having let a man control her before, is drawn to Donovan’s power like a moth to a flame. She just can’t seem to take her eyes off of him or his handcuffs, a fact the sheriff readily notices. He is determined he will have Sammie and keep his town.  

But when Octave Corporation sends in another of Sammie’s colleagues to ensure Sammie does her job, with the corporate goon’s sites set on the town as well as Sammie, the situation pushes Donovan to the edge.   

I always anxiously await a new release at Ellora’s Cave from Reese Gabriel, knowing that I will have a great steamy BDSM novel to read, and as expected SCORCHING SAMMIE delivers. I just love the strong and very dominant alpha male that Donovan is. He is the town’s hero and will do anything to protect it and the wildlife that lives there. He has survived a violent past that has made him stronger. However, when he meets the fiery redhead he is drawn to taming the wildcat, handcuffs and all, yet still manage to protect the town against the big corporate developer Octave. Sammie is one high-powered corporate shark, always in control and all about business. No man has ever been able to handle her, especially in the bedroom, something she has secretly wanted. She is drawn to the sheriff’s dominance yet fights it all the way denying her body’s natural response to let go. For a woman who is as tough in the business world as Sammie is her excitement and desire to be dominated in the bedroom comes as an unexpected surprise. 

I just love how Reese Gabriel weaves stories around strong males who pleasure and dominate their powerful women in the bedroom. This story is hot, sexy, and boy do Sammie and Donovan burn it up in the bedroom. Can they find love as well? Read SCORCHING SAMMIE to find out. You’ll love it!



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