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The Mission

Michelle Marquis















Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Release Date:
August 2008

Science Fiction


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Reviewed by
Daria Wright

Review Posted:
October 2008


The year is 2107 and Captain Tara Scott has accepted a challenge to set up a U.S. Embassy on the planet of AEssyria. Many have called this a suicide mission but if Tara is successful she will be rich. She is warned of the planet and its savage green male warriors that stand well over six feet tall and who possess long forked tongues, sharp teeth and nails, and a need for sex. 

Tara prepares herself for her journey by watching a video of a warrior having sex with a human and is intrigued; they are very well endowed. She figures if she can seduce an AEssyrian warrior into being her protector she might beat the 1% survival rate the first year on planet and have her mission succeed. She is also smart and purchases some ammo to take just in case as well.  

Tara and her crew of two travel in a space transport via cryo sleep until they arrive in AEssyrian air space. The transport is boarded by warriors, and Tara and her crew are taken to the AEssyrian King. The King calls on Admiral Sargon Varin, a strong, dominant, and accomplished AEssyrian warrior on the verge of retiring from the Fleet who has had experience with humans, to assist in the language translation.  

Tara knows that to ensure her and her crews protection, she needs to give the dominant males anything they want. Her willingness to do just that was one of the reasons she’d been chosen for the Mission. They need a protector for the Mission to succeed and she sets her sights on Sargon. 

Sargon has everything he has ever wanted except the right woman but it is not a human female, or is it. 

I wanted to love the story THE MISSION. It started out so well and has all the makings of a great sci-fi erotic story. Captain Tara Scott is strong and determined, agreeing to a Mission that others turned down and called suicidal. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain if she succeeds by taking on an assignment that no one has ever returned from. The Aessyrians are an intriguing race with some fascinating attributes. Tara will do anything to make her Mission successful and sets her sights on Admiral Sargon to be her protector while she works on achieving her Mission. 

The, at first reluctant, Admiral is seduced by Tara and her two other female crewmembers. He then dives into having sex with all three women and spreading the word that the women like to entertain.  

Because Sargon brags to others that Tara and her crew pleasure others, Tara is forced to have sex with one of the king’s men while the king watches. The forced sex with others didn’t quite make sense to me other than to show Tara’s love of sex and Sargon’s jealousy at the situation he created. Sargon gets jealous and wants Tara exclusively, his, mine only. Yet then again later presents her to two of his friends for sex. The males in the story are very domineering, bordering on sex just for sex, and Tara is presented as a willing sex servant to the males to get what she wants, Mission success, yet she is in love with Sargon. Or is she in love with sex? Or the Mission? The sex scenes are very titillating, yet I found words and feelings did not match the characters actions. 

A very hot sci-fi read filled with sexy alien sex. I wish the story and characters could have been so much more.



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