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Vision Fulfilled

Lorie O'Clare














Ellora’s Cave

Release Date:
October 17, 2008

Paranormal Romance
Shape Shifter


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Reviewed by
Daria Wright

Review Posted:
October 2008


Wild and feral, and totally sexy leopard Thad Pierce, a Hunter, trained to protect and police his species, is summoned home by his sire’s final dying wish; to take over his sire’s bar, Pierce’s Lair. A sire Thad never had anything in common with and hadn’t seen or spoken to in years. However, Thad upholds leopard honor and shifter code, and is honor-bound to take the bar. 

Megan, a strong and feisty redheaded leopard, has worked her ass off to become the future owner of Pierce’s Lair. Jacob, the previous owner, now dead, had promised to sell the bar to her. When Thad arrives to take control, the sparks explode, and she’s not giving up without a fight. The battle for the bar begins as hostile but turns into a sexual explosion.

As they fight their carnal intensity they find themselves on the same side of helping to protect other leopards, leopards that see visions. These leopards are seeking refuge at Sanctuary from Leo Pard, the leopard wanting to round up and exploit them.

Will Thad be able to tame one hot little redhead while they help save their species? 

Lorie O’Clare is one of my favorite authors and she doesn’t disappoint with VISION FULFILLED. Ms. O’Clare gives us a strong heroine and hero to love. Megan has been hurt in the past and she brutally lost those she loved dearly. I cried as I read about Megan’s loss, and yet, even after all she has been through, Megan is fierce and strong. She will protect and fight for what is hers.  She plans to fight Thad Pierce for what she believes is rightfully hers, the bar, Pierce’s Lair. Thad’s sire promised before he died that he would sell it to her. But Thad’s sire also had a dying wish for Thad to take over the bar. From the moment Megan meets Thad, the sparks explode between the two. Neither can deny their animalistic attraction to each other.  I loved Thad. Honor bound and strong. He senses there is not a female more worthy of his respect than Megan. Thad is dominating and very physical and he knows this drives Megan crazy, to the point where she pants for him. In addition to Megan and Thad there are great supporting characters in the story.  The other sexy Hunters, leopards Race and Tore, I am hoping will get their own stories as well. And again we meet the unique Owl shifters. I am fascinated by this species of shifters who are not predators but very loyal to those they hold dear and who help the leopards. Ms. O’Clare has created a great new leopard series that is scorching hot! 

VISION FULFILLED is the second book in Ms. O’Clare’s Leopard series. I highly recommend reading the first book in the series VISION CAPTURED, the story of Hunter Josh Bard and Chantelle Drap, then Vision Fulfilled.  

Hurry to Ellora’s Cave, this story will turn you on like no other.



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