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Barely Legal

Donna McAteer













Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Release Date:
November 2008

Romantic Suspense


Bookmark Rating:

Reviewed by
Daria Wright

Review Posted:
October 2008


Beautiful South Beach Miami attorney Taylor Webb owes her best friend, Annelise, a favor. Annelise wants Taylor to pose for a steamy romance novel cover, she thinks Taylor would be perfect for it and it would get Taylor some publicity for her law practice.    

Posing for a romance cover with a hot gorgeous hunk turns out to be a bit more difficult than anticipated. Sparks fly while spending hours posing in the arms of sexy NFL star Carson Troy. Both canít seem to keep their attraction for each other concealed. Taylor tries to ignore her feelings for Carson and focus on her work, but when Carsonís team calls her in for legal assistance, their paths cross again. 

The action takes off as Taylor and Carson deal with uncovering steroid use within his Team and a former drug Mafia member that Taylor failed to keep out of jail gets released and seeks retribution. 

BARELY LEGAL starts out super hot and steamy. I LOVED the photo shoot scene between Taylor and Carson, every romance readers dream, at least mine, especially since I love stories that deal with professional athletes. Put the two together and you have the makings of a hit for me. The author Donna McAteer has a way of descriptive writing that you actually feel like you are there. Having spent many years in Miami, the author truly captures the feel of Miami Beach and Coral Gables. I felt like I was back there again. I give top bookmarks for setting the stage of the story and the main characters themselves. I loved the characters. I will be reading another story by this author for these points alone. 

However, what lost me with this story was its believability with the characters actions dealing with steroid use within the team and the drug lords/Mafia. Having friends that are professional NFL athletes, attorneys and police officers I find it almost impossible to believe they would ever act like this. None that I know would. Maybe if I had not had this knowledge the story would have been better for me and readers that arenít aware of this you may love the story. I hope that the author will consider this in future writings, as Ms. McAteerís writing style is beautifully descriptive and a joy to read. I do look forward to reading her next story. 

BARELY LEGAL is a romantic action packed read set in beautiful South Miami.


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Barely Legal by Donna McAteer












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