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Power Play

Deirdre Martin















Berkley Sensation

Release Date:
October 2008

Contemporary Romance


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Reviewed by
Daria Wright

Review Posted:
October 2008


The New York Blades just got hockey star Eric Mitchell in a trade from New Jersey, in hopes of leading the Blades to victory. Eric is a man in demand, and the Blades publicity department wants to show what a great asset they have by sending him on promotions around town. First stop, an appearance on daytimeís hottest soap opera. Who knew, Eric, one of People magazineís hottest bachelors, is also a closet soap opera fan who has lusted after daytime diva Monica Geary for years. 

Monica Geary has no plans for falling for notorious playboy Eric Mitchell.  She is a leading soap actress though, and when her publicist convinces her that by pretending to fall for Eric she would help boost her daytime diva status Monica agrees to pretend. Eric, only lusting after Monica and not wanting a serious relationship, is encouraged to pretend as well as it would help him be recognized as the stud he is by his team members. But pretending is hard when real emotions get involved. 

A red-hot scoring POWER PLAY! I absolutely loved this book! Deirdre Martin has given us another wonderful story around the New York Blades hockey team. With every story of hers that I read I get so immersed in the characters and their feelings.  Eric at first glance seems a bit superficial, just a sexy gorgeous playboy, but having read about his character in Martinís earlier book CHASING STANLEY and seeing his character grow in this book you know he has a big heart and love and dedication for his family, brother and hockey. But outside of those relationships he has never grown close to anyone. Choosing to play the stud hockey player and playboy. You see his transformation through the book and I found myself cheering him on to allow himself to be in love. The world of NHL hockey is one of such warrior determination in its players; players that come from small towns and close families wanting to succeed where life is all about hockey. We get to glimpse Ericís life in the story and yet he is somewhat alone because he wonít allow himself a woman to love. So he gets to play pretend with Monica with the sole hope of boosting his image and career with the Blades so he thinks.

I enjoyed Monicaís character and a view into the world of daytime soaps. It added humor to the story. But underlining all of this, and what really touches my heart and moves me with Martinís stories is the analysis of character and feelings that are brought forth between Monica and Eric. The emotional road is never easy and cut and dry. They question each otherís motives and feelings with a level of sincerity that grabs the heart. I found myself rooting for them to the very end of the book. 

The timing of the October release of POWER PLAY this year is perfect. I wish all of Ms. Martinís hockey stories would release in October, which is the beginning of hockey season. One of my personal hockey rituals every October is to read her first book, one of my all time favorites, BODY CHECK. Being a lover of romance and sexy hockey players, what better way to start off a great hockey season. 

Even though Power Play is a continuation of the New York Blades series it can be read as a standalone. So hurry over to Berkley Sensation and start your hockey season off with a red hot scoring POWER PLAY!!



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