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Thereís Only Been You

Donna Marie Rogers















The Wild Rose Press

Release Date:
October 10, 2008

Contemporary Romance


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November 2008


Sara Jamison and Mike Andrews had their lives torn apart, when a cruel plan to separate them was put into action. With only a videotape and lies as proof, they both end up coming to the wrong conclusion. Without a second thought, Mike decides to leave town and unknowingly leaves a pregnant Sara behind. Each of them goes on living their life with the belief that the other had betrayed them. 

Now, eight years later, Sara runs her own bakery and, with help of her brothers and uncle, raises her son, Ethan. Sara has done her best to move on and forget about Mike. Although, itís hard to forget a man whoís just come back to town for his fatherís funeral. 

Detective Mike Andrews had no intention of coming face to face with Sara or her family of alpha men. He plans on only staying long enough to get things in order and leave the place that cost him so much heartache. But, after a run in with her brother has him questioning things of the past, will Mike stay long enough to find out what really happened eight years ago? And how will he react when he discovers Saraís own secret?  

Saying that I enjoyed THEREíS ONLY BEEN YOU would be putting it mildly. Especially when I stayed up half the night to finish it, glued to the story. I absolutely loved this story of how two people try and rebuild a relationship after finding out everything they believed to be true was not only a lie, but had stolen eight years of their life together. There were moments I got teary eyed as I realized all they had lost out on. 

Sara was strong heroine, who made the best out of a bad situation. She believes in protecting and standing by those she loves. This includes her son, from a man she wasnít sure she knew anymore. 

In contrast, Mike was just living his life one day at a time. With no real family, Mike had missed the moments when he had been a part of Saraís own family. Now, with a he never knew he had, Mike is prepared to do all he can to keep this ready made family together. 

The suspenseful subplot only adds to this story and keeps you intrigued as to where the story will turn. Thereís also definite heat between Sara and Mike, and while this is not an erotic romance, when these two do get together, it is definitely hot and spicy. 

I had been looking forward to THEREíS ONLY BEEN YOU since I first read an excerpt online. At that time the release date was still a few months away and I started counting down. I must say, this story was worth the wait and did not disappoint. It had all the themes I enjoy as a reader; secret child, misunderstanding, alpha men, and men in uniform. 

The way Ms. Rogers writes all her characters just pulls you in even more, and has you emotionally invested in their story.  

Readers of contemporary romance will be thoroughly delighted in reading THEREíS ONLY BEEN YOU as Donna Marie Rogers delivers a tender tale of love, family, and second chances. Iím sure others will join in my great anticipation for her sequels.



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