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Author Stacy DeanneStacy-Deanne was kind enough to interview with Sheila for Wild on Books!

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Posted October 19, 2008













































SheilaMonique:  Welcome to Wild on Books Stacy-Deanne. Tell us about yourself.

Stacy-Deanne: I am a novelist with Simon and Schuster. I have been in the business for 12 years. I started writing professionally when I was 19 years old. I was born, raised and live in Houston, Texas. I am an only child. Iím single and I have no children.

SheilaMonique:  Tell us about your book MELODY.  

Stacy-Deanne:  Melody is my latest book. It is a thriller, mystery and crime fiction book. A woman is convinced that her sisterís new boyfriend is hiding something. She decides to dig around to find out more about him.  While doing this she soon learns that not only is he a little too mysterious but also potentially dangerous. 

If you were given a choice between a day at the spa or a maid for the day, which would you choose and why?  

Stacy-Deanne:  Iíd pick a maid for a day.  I donít mind cleaning. I do hate to do bathrooms though, LOL! When I was in high school I worked in the Ritz Carlton training program and cleaning was a job I did. A day at the spa would be nice because Iíve never been but I am kind of self-conscious about things like that and am not sure if I would be very comfortable. So Iíd do the maid thing, LOL.

SheilaMonique:  What is a typical day of writing like for you?  

Stacy-Deanne:  I am writing everyday of course. Itís pretty leisurely and it depends on how much Iíve gotten into a particular book Iíve began. If I am very into it, which means very excited about writing it, I will write constantly.  If I am just getting into a story and feeling my way around it, then I may have more space that day in between what I am working on. I also write articles and am an editor so sometimes I am editing and doing articles even if Iím not writing a novel. Thereís always plenty for me to do.

SheilaMonique:  A friend has had it trying her hand at writing; she believes none of her stories will be accepted. Do you have any tips and words of wisdom for her? 

Stacy-Deanne:  Well, if she ďbelievesĒ this then it shows sheís negative and needs to think positive first of all. Why would she expect someone to publish or work if she doesnít even have the confidence in it? Iíd tell her she shouldnít be writing if this is how she feels.  That part is her responsibility. I have aspiring writer friends and they know the kind of person I am so they would never come to me with this type of negativity.  My major tip for a person who is speaking like this is to work on their confidence or stop writing. How can you possibly be serious about publishing your work if you feel no one will accept it? It wouldnít make sense. If you donít believe in your work then you shouldnít expect others to. In writing you need a very thick skin and a person like this is not thick skinned.

SheilaMonique:  What in your opinion makes for good chemistry between your leading characters? 

Stacy-Deanne:  It could be a number of things and you really canít say what. Itís not until you began writing the book that you can tell if characters really go together or not. Thatís why I donít ďmakeĒ most of my characters into couples starting out. I get to know their personalities when I began writing the book then if they have chemistry, it will come out naturally. Thatís when you know if your characters are working or not.  Sometimes certain characters wonít fit no matter how good the story is. If they hold up the flow of the story and are not needed, ditch them.  LOL

SheilaMonique Who is the one person who has had the biggest influence on your life? 

Stacy-Deanne:  My mother. (R.I.P mom)

SheilaMonique:  If you were given the chance to go any place in the world, where would you go? 

Stacy-Deanne:  England

SheilaMonique:  If you weren't a writer, what would you do? 

Stacy-Deanne:  I am not sure. Writing is a part of me. Itís who I am. I do have many other interests. I am a humorous person and I love to sing too. I could be an actress, comedienne or singer of a rock band. LOL, itís just that I am also kind of shy so some things arenít easy for me to get into. Writing fits me well.  I also love working with hair and make up so if I werenít doing something in the entertainment field Iíd be a beautician.

SheilaMonique:  What was the most exciting moment in your writing career? 

Stacy-Deanne:  Iíve had quite a few. I guess the biggest would be when Simon and Schuster accepted my work.

SheilaMonique:  Did you have any pets while growing up? Do you have any now?  

Stacy-Deanne:  I always used to have gold fish and I had a little sea turtle I kept in the tank.  I loved having fish but they always died on me and stunk up the house, LOL. No matter how clean we kept the tank we couldnít get rid of the fish smell. I do not have any pets now but itís funny that Iíve been thinking of getting fish again. I donít know, LOL

SheilaMonique:  Which room in your home is your favorite? 

Stacy-Deanne:  My bedroom. Itís like my lair. Iím a homebody so I donít go out much. I love if that way because Iím a very solitary person. My computerís in the living room, but I wind down in the bedroom.  Itís where I am comfortable and can just relax.

SheilaMonique What do you like most about being an author? What do you like least? 

Stacy-Deanne:  I love the art of writing first of all. I love the prestige of being published. I love having fans and readers that have been touched by my work. I love being an inspiration to aspiring writers. What I dislike is some elements of the publishing world and also itís hard to get close to people. A lot of people canít separate ďthe personĒ from ďthe authorĒ.  People rarely try to get to know the real me. 

SheilaMonique:  Is there a piece of advice that you have received from another author that you still pay attention to today? 

Well before I was published a lot of people said not to give up if I really believed that writing was for me. I still believe in that one and always will no matter what I do.

SheilaMonique:  While you are writing do you edit, or finish the first draft then edit?  

Stacy-Deanne: I finish the LAST draft and edit, LOL. Sometimes a book can have multiple drafts, not just one or two. I edit after the work is completed. I donít feel it makes sense to edit while writing a story because you havenít even finished the story.  Editing while writing would be too early in my opinion.

SheilaMonique:  Tell us about EVERLASTING.  

Stacy-Deanne:  Everlasting was my first book published by Simon and Schuster. Itís a Latino love story centered around two teens that have ties with gangs. The teens arenít in the gangs and do not agree with that lifestyle. Their friends and family do all they can to keep the two apart. The teens find true love anyway and become soul mates. I consider it todayís Romeo and Juliet.

SheilaMonique:  Can you tell us about any of your upcoming books?  

Stacy-Deanne:  I have completed many manuscripts and am working on other novels. I am also working on a police series that focuses on the detectives in ďMelodyĒ.  As far as these being upcoming, authors do not know exactly when books are going to be published. I am waiting to see what my latest project will lead to. I truly have no idea but am positive Iíll be happy with the results. Itís too soon to say when my next release will be right now.

SheilaMonique:  Do you listen to music while you write?  

Stacy-Deanne: No.

SheilaMonique:  Where can your fans find you on the net?  

Stacy-Deanne:  EVERYWHERE!  I am on thousands of different kinds of sites. You can find interviews with me everywhere. I am also on many social networks including My Space, Face book, Shelfari, Black Planet and Goodreads.  Just type my name into your favorite search engine and youíll find me.  My official web site is http://www.stacy-deanne.net

SheilaMonique:  Thank you for stopping by Wild on Books and visiting with us, is there anything you would like to add?   

Stacy-Deanne:  I would love to thank Wild on Books for this opportunity. I think youíre a great site. Thanks for supporting authors like me! I also hope the audience of this interview will check out my books if they havenít already. Keep an eye out for my work!  Itís been a pleasure. My books are in stores everywhere and they can also be ordered online. You can check out the sites below to learn more about me.  Best wishes! 




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